Fractured tibialis

Where do I find powergrips.  I fractured my tibialis when my feet came out of my clips going about 15 mph.  I don't want to give up biking with my Rover, but am fearful of another injury.


  • Thanks.  Don't want to quit riding for sure
  • Before purchasing our two Rovers, I scoured
    the blogs about triking to insure we were getting into something we could
    handle.  Kept reading about leg suck and how disastrous it could be, so
    after ordering the trikes ordered two sets of Welgo clipless petals combines
    with Velo shoes. Have never ridden without being clipped in and never intend
    to.  Sorry about your pain and the recovery you went through.  Broke
    my heel 3 months ago falling off a ladder and it has ruined my triking this
    summer.  Best of luck on your recovery and definitely look into clipless
    pedals and shoes.

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    janettreftzallen, you said your feet came out of the clips.  What kind of clips were you using?  I'm confused.

    Were they heel straps, toe cages, SBDs or what?  This info might help others avoided what happened to you.
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