What tires to get?



  • No goat heads here :)
  • We used to make them by tack welding two bent nails together in the middle, then throw them in the path of the bad guys.

    These look like nature's version of infantry blocks!
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      Is weird, the plant thrives is barren areas. Seems the only thing these plants don't like is lots of moisture.

      They are practically immune to poisons, chemicals, burning, and all it takes is just a portion of the plant or seed to take hold and by maturity there are literally hundreds of these little seeds waiting to go for a ride. They are horrible with pets & your knees, and luv tires! You want cheep studded tires on the car for the winter? Drive over a field of these and you're set for about 100 miles.

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  • When I lived in the Florida panhandle, if you kept your lawn watered, green grass would grow.  If not, you got scraggly plants with those prickly things you show in that picture.  Fortunately, I had a well and sprinkler system.  I would never send my dogs out in a yard full of those.  

    I haven't seen many here in South Florida but we haven't had measurable rain in 40 days.  They may appear soon!
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    Jamesr,  I just got back from two weeks in Tucson, AZ where I grew up back in the late fifties.  Goat heads were prolific and my bike tires often paid the price; however, stepping on one in bare feet has to rank among the worst experiences of my life!  I learned never to go outside without shoes.  Then all I had to worry about was sand burrs which like socks and pants legs.  It was something you learned to live with. :)

    While in Tucson I road several of the trails (Rillito, Canyon del Oro, Santa Cruz) without seeing a single "thorny bit" or having a puncture so they really keep those paths clean.  My 559 was proudly wearing his Marathons.  Then last Saturday I rode him 37 miles in El Tour de Tucson and had no problem even though the entire event was on public streets.  Three times I stopped at rest stops off the road for a pit stop, bottle top off and a munchy.  No problems.  Truthfully, I didn't go looking for those little devils either.  8-)  

    I swear by Schwalbe Marathons.  Schwalbe had a big display at Recumbent Cycle Con in Cincinnati and the rep had cutaway sections of the Marathon and the Marathon Plus.  The latter appeared different only in that the Kevlar was couple of millimeters thicker.  When I need new tires I'll get the Pluses.
  •   You can still step on the goat heads inside your house, as they become dislodged on your soles or clothing and lie waiting amidst the carpet. >:)

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  • Aaaaaaaaaaaah!  :((
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