Chain coming off of Rover N330

 I purchased my Rover N330 earlier this month and each time that I have ridden it I somehow manage to knock the chain off. I noticed that my right leg bumps the chain tube when I peddle and I think that may be the cause. I was wondering if the chain could be routed down via an idler.    


  • Your legs shouldn't be hitting the chain much, if at all. Are you sure the pedals/boom are set to the right length for you? 

    While not impossible, it should be difficult to knock the chain off of an internally geared Rover. (Assuming it's set up properly.) Things should be pretty taut as there's no external shifting going on. 

    Where is the chain coming off, front or rear sprockets?

    Adding idlers to a Rover frame takes some doing, so I'd suggest trying other things first and being absolutely sure you need idlers.

    - PaulNM 
  • The chain is coming off the front sprocket. I have not been able ride a bicycle in 25+ plus years. I had both my hips replaced a little over 30 years ago and they pretty much locked up. Here recently I had them both replaced again. So... I have atrophy in both legs. I am using the trike for exercise, to help with stretching and to ride along with my wife when she rides. The right leg rotates in when I peddle, I am trying to rotate it out but I don't have the flexion yet. That is why I was asking if the chain could be routed down instead of straight back. Maybe I can figure out some way to cover the chain where it could not be hit.

    When I tried out the Terratrike in the local bicycle shop I was grinning like a cheshire cat. I had reached one of my goals of being able to ride a bicycle again. I am now working on building my endurance up. My next goal is to ride in one of the local cycling events this next spring.

    Take care,

  • Could you try some pedal extentions. I have ones about 3/4 inch that move you feet out a bit. You just screw off the existing pedals and put the ext on and screw the old pedals into them. Amazon quick & easy

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