A little confused

I am a little confused about the rover. I have seen one video of it arriving in a large box completely assembled and another one of it coming in a small box unassembled. I am wondering which way it will arrive if I was to purchase it online. I have also seen several silver colored ones and others a horrible putrid blue and am wondering what color it would be.
I hope someone can set me straight on which way it will arrive and what color it will be.
Thank you very much in advance


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    If you order it via the site, it will come assembled. TT only ships non-assembled stuff to dealers.

    The silver ones are older models, The current Rovers are blue. You are able to get custom colors for ~$250, it's a dropdown box selection on the order page. They'll call you about that.

    You can also call them directly to get any questions answered. They know the products inside and out, and are big on helping people get exactly what they need.

    - PaulNM
  •   Royal Blue looks great imho. Was wishing there would of been orange decals inside. Not enough orange in the world.

    ¬ ITL
  • Wish mine were blue.  I got silver with the multi-colored stickers.  Woo Woo!
  • I go back and forth on whether I'd prefer blue or silver, but I definately like the nice black boom on the blue Rovers.

    - PaulNM
  • I purchased my Rover over the phone from TT. The fellow that I talked with is actually the person who assembled my Rover. They all know their stuff. Mine is the blue color with the Nuvinci 360 CVP rear hub. It is fantastic. Mine was delivered to where I work and came in a VERY large box. If you go this route, make sure you have a large (6'x10') trailer to haul it home. If you have it delivered to your residence you MUST be there to sign. If it cannot be delivered - there are more charges!!! Oh, the 6'x10' trailer is what I have and the Rover box took up about half of the 6' width and almost all of the length.


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    never mind
  •   Royal Blue is putrid to you? Looks rather sporty imho.  ::)

    ¬ ITL
  • I want to thank everyone who replied to my post, it really helps. I am an older person living on a fixed income so I have to make my money count – smile. I have to do my research and plan well ahead of time.
    As far as the blue goes – 98% of all the blue shade's are really pretty but this is one shade that comes in at the 2% category, but that is just my personal opinion. If ever one liked the same color then there would only be one color made and that would be pretty dull. I will just have to learn how to back up to it before getting on – smile. 
  •   Wished mine was tiger orange and black, but that would of probably been more. Guess if I really wanted a different paint job I could hire some students or unemployed body painters to come up with something for me.

      As far as I know the 2016 sells in the blue color scheme, though there is a $250 fee for a different type of paint job.

      Maybe when I somehow get my life back in order, lose this unbearable weight, and hit the lottery or marry a Sugar Momma, maybe then I can get a fancier model with more gears, and put tiger stripes all over it.

      Think I should of ordered from TerraTrike directly and had it financed through then, as their percentage is less than half of what my credit card will want. Such is life. I'd like more gears, more for climbing hills; finding a solution to that is affordable is not so easy. Although it's nice to look up and see the sky, look around, look at all the weird stuff on the side of an urban road, and wonder if I'll even manage to go fast and be able to steer with 2 wheels up front.

      Oh, get a selfy stick and a camera or cellphone. Would like to have a drone with a camera to follow me around, that would give a much better video image. ;)

    ¬ ITL
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