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My wife and I are interested in purchasing indoor trainers for use during the cold Michigan winter months. We are most interested in a training tool that provides virtual trails on a TV screen to add interest and challenge to the experience. Our bike shop is gathering info to help us make a decision ! but we would be interested in any additional input from any of your experiences and recommendations.


  • I have the trainer that Terra Trike sells (no videos included).  I don't use it often because it has a different feel than pedaling on a street.  The friction is different. 

    For someone who enjoys an indoor bike, that might be fine.  For me, not so much!
  • I usually watch a sports event or CNN while riding the trainer.
  •   Wished I had a trainer... Santa Claus has been ignoring me perty much last 20+ years

    ¬ ITL
  • @Florida_bound, try inflating the tires some more, especially if you're still on the stock CST or some balloon tire. I found that with less than max pressure on the CST, the tire would sink in between the rollers and create a great deal of resistance. The rollers were pinching the tire rather than the tire rolling on them.

    - PaulNM
  • I just pumped the tires up to 50 psi today.  I will try them with the trainer.  Thanks for the suggestion!
  • Prior to an MS diagnosis that has put me on a trike full time, I used a Kinetic trainer in the winter months and was always pleased that it resembled the feel of a real ride, in that the faster I was going, the more resistance I experienced.  I just found yesterday that kinetic makes a small wheel adapter for a very reasonable price that will acommodate a 20" wheel, so I'm going to try that.  If you have a regular trainer stored away, check with the manufacturer to see if they offer a small wheel adapter of some type.
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    The problem for some trikes is traditional trainers are no good with internal hubs. The hubs have solid axles, while the trainers essentially replace the skewer with their support arms. 

    The Sportscrafters trainer is nice in that it's just a set of rollers to sit the existing rear wheel on. No assembly required. It also has a magnetic progressive resistance, but you can easily turn it around to not use that if you wish.  The biggest "issue" with the rollers is that it raises the rear of the trike up a bit. There are risers available for the front wheels for those who have problems with that. (Or you can lock the brakes and use some wood planks.)

    - PaulNM  
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