Extremely stiff twist shifters

The twist shifter on my Rambler on the right became progressively hard to turn from high to low, eg speed 8 to 1 and now can hardly be turned at all, full force!
Used to work fine .....any ideas?  I cleaned and lubed the derailleur and sprayed lubricant into the cable.  
When I hold the derailleur in the innermost position (1) by hand it is easy to turn the shifter and the cable moves easily. So it seems that the spring on the derailleur has become too strong?  makes no sense....replace shifter? cable? derailleur? all  three!!?
Help! I love this trike and need to get out riding again SOON

thanks for any suggestions


  • I had the same problem with my Rovers Microshift shifters it turned out the cable had a kink in the shifter I replaced it (cable) and problem was solved.
  • I started having problems with the gear shifter not moving because of cable damage.  With the standard handlebars, my legs would hit the cables with every stroke of the pedals.  The cable didn't last long!
  • I will remove the cable and examine it closely....I guess I figured that if I lubed it well it would be ok.  But a small kink under tension might be exactly right.  Recommend a good place to get a replacement?
  • On your suggestion went to lbs and picked up new front and rear cables - plain old stainless - just to see

    Immediate improvement, now works ok - I agree, new housings and cables are in my future!

    Any thoughts on coated, uncoated, compressionless, etc? 

    Many thanks to all who posted - good call on the cables!!
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