ISO TerraTrike Rambler or Tour II (small size) North Florida/South Georgia

Looking to buy!


  • Geri, where are you at?

    Jamesr, if you need additional 20" wheels, I have all 3 from my Rover I could sell you.  There are about 50 miles on the tires.
  • Florida_bound, 

    I'm in Tallahassee.  

  • @Jamesr, If Theresa, er ah Miss Florida as you say, isn't willing to take the patterson off your hands, I would me interested in a cash price? Perhaps installed (on my Rover) if you live in Michigan. Also, I think I read you were interested in trading a rambler Nexus 8 w/ patterson for a Rover with an ext 8. Would you be interested in the trade for a 2014 Rover with Nexus 8 to build your quad?
  • I'm a week away from my knee surgeries, which will be costly.  Also, I won't be riding again until maybe January.  When that happens, I first need to test what length cranks are best for my new knees.  I want to try the 170 mm cranks I have in storage first to see if they improve my speed.

    Go ahead and sell the Patterson crank but thank you for the offer,  The wheels aren't going anywhere.  I'll make you a great deal later.

    Tallahassee is very hilly, similar to Gainesville around the university.  Geri should consider that Patterson crank.
  • @jamesr, thanks for your consideration... I do make annual trips to Florida, so shipping might not be a problem... but I am not planning on heading that way till after the first of the year... but maybe I could come early. If we make a deal, I will probably have to bring my trike to you regardless if you decide to sell me the patterson and do an install onto my trike, or if we swap trikes. Where abouts in Florida do you reside?
  • Thanks for the feedback, guys.  At the moment I lean toward the Tour II, or some other mid-range ($)  bike w/ linkage steering (I've got carpal tunnel + ulnar nerve issues in both hands/arms, so adjusting my lifestyle). 
    I've also got those Tally hills (will 25 speeds do it, or should I be thinking 27?).   

    Oh, and I'm 5' 1.5" tall!  
    Yep, another reason to find a smaller frame.  If you have other suggestions, I'm interested.  

  • Wow THANKS, James.  You've given me a lot of specific and useful info here!
    I was, just three minutes ago, looking at the Catrike Pocket -- looks like it comes w/ some accessories, too.
    Will cogitate on all of this.  Thank you.

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