Smartphone bike computer

I've tried 4 or 5 smartphone apps for a bike computer. Strava, map my ride, etc. Today I tried RideWithGPS.

Guys, they ALL suck. They ALL want money every month.

Except one. CycleDroid.

Free. Does everything. Speed, avg speed, top speed, altitude changes, calories expended, oxygen consumed. It Even maps the ride with GPS onto a google map automatically (it's sort of hidden in the menu). The ONLY thing it doesn't do is auto-pause when you stop for coffee.

The author stopped updating in January this year for personal reasons, but he open sourced the code. So hopefully somebody picks it up and adds the auto-pause.


  • The fitness software that came with my Apple Watch does all of that except altitude change.  I mentioned in another thread that they just added the auto pause function.  I really haven't had time to identify all the other new features yet.  But, I'm sure there are many.
  • I use RideWithGPS but honestly I don't save my rides anymore. Mileage isn't all that important to me.
  • Free map my ride is good for me.
  • Free Map My Ride has been working for me. Uploads direct into the National Bike Challenge over 4,000 miles this year with no truble.
  • Just give CycleDroid a try is all I'm saying. Maybe you'll like it better.

    As for Apple, iPhone, etc, I'm an android guy. So no apple apps for me.
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    Hello, I use Cyclemeter. I can use it for cycling, walking, running, hiking and more. I did upgrade to the elite version for app. $5 for a year. It will display elevation, distance, speed, direction, weather and maps. I can review every ride/walk/hike I used the app with even if a couple of years ago. One can also see total miles ridden for the week, month or year.

    So far in 2016 I rode 850 on my road bike and 245 on my 2 month old Rambler. I'm fairly sure it can be used for Apple and Android.

    Hope this helps.
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