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After a ride or two I decided bigger wheels were in order. Got three 26" rims, new spokes and tires. I stripped the 20" wheels and re-laced them. The trike is a tandem and my wife and I have different cadences we like so I put a 34 tooth ring up front going back to a 36 which gives me a slightly faster cadence. It might not seem like much but it makes it so I can feel my wife peddling. I also had to change the sprocket going back to the rear hub to a 24 tooth to keep the gearing correct. A couple inexpensive banjo chain tensiones to keep the wheel from sliding forward and into the frame and the ride is 3" taller with noticeably less rolling resistance.
Total cost was about $250 I saved $50 each wheel re-lacing them myself.
Next thing will need to be a Nuvinci hub so I can shift on the fly, I have to tell my wife to stop peddling so I can shift with the Sturmey Archer i8 hub and when going up an incline stopping peddling to shift loses too much inertia.
Handlebar bags go on the backs of the seats quite well too.


  •   Hmm... Banjo Chain Tensioners... what a novel idea! Seems am adjusting mine every time I bring in in or take it out since am balancing the rig on the rear wheel.

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  • You have to use the no spin washers with the i8 hub so take a spacer nut off the axel to make room for the tensioners on the inside of the frame. Also they have 2 tabs that go in the dropout, one needs to be removed to be able to have the no spin on the outside and the banjo on the inside.
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    While they say you can shift them at any time, it's my experience that shifting a NuVinci does not work well under a lot of torque, and that's with only one person's effort.  Don't be surprised if you still have to tell your wife to stop peddling. Or at least lighten up.
  • I wish I could try out a Nuvinci on something to get some hands or feet on experience to help with the decision. I don't really want to convert just to find out it isn't any better.
  • Talking with Taylor at TT today, he tells me you can buy a 20" wheel with a Nuvinci N380 hub for $500. An Internal 8 hub on a 20" wheel will run you $300 at TT.

    But here is food for thought... TT has dropped the price of their now "Legacy" 2015/16 Travelers still in stock - $1599 now. Purchase an N380 on a 20" wheel, and you now have a $2099 Traveler Nuvinci 380 (currently $2499 for the current model) with a spare 20" internal 8 wheel & hub. If the i8 hub covers a 307% gear range, you gain 73% greater range moving to the Nuvinci N380. Properly geared, you should have lower lows and a higher high!

    Of course any of us Rover owners with a spare $500 can get a Nuvinci N380 for our trikes too! I imagine there would not be any problem in selling a used 20" wheel with i8 hub for at least $100, maybe $150. So, $500 for an N380 20" wheel less $150 (selling your old hub) and you now have a continuously variable hub with about 20% greater gear range.

    Has anyone made this conversion who could comment on what they did, and the pros and cons of doing so?
  • Oh yeah, I forgot a couple of things... a new shifter for N380 will run you $50 from TT,  so your cash layout in my post above is now $550, less $150 for your working used i8 hub, and you end up with a new new NuVinci N380 wheel & hub on your Rover for around $400 and you get 20% more gear inch range - good for a couple of lower  "gears" and a higher "gear". You may have to spend another $25 for a new smaller or larger front sprocket depending on whether you need more low end or more high end.
  • I've been considering the ebay $200 hub, plus spokes, tire, rim, rim tape, longer cables and housings bring the conversion to around $300. My biggest concern is I won't be able to break the tandem in two for the colder weather when my wife doesn't like to go out riding. I would need two sets of cables and housings, maybe not that big a deal, how much time could that add to the change-over.
  • Now I'm thinking the SRAM dual drive. Looks like the cost should be similar and plenty of gears to get a nice low end and moderate high. Just have to put enough consideration into splitting the trike in 2 when I ride alone.
  • It takes about an hour to convert. The cranks need to be swapped front to back due to the 26" wheel needing the 24 tooth ring that is on the back. Neither the front nor the back chain is the correct length so the front chain has a short piece in it the gets transferred to the back chain. The cable is actually the easiest part as the front cable is just the right length to attach to the rear wheel with no adjustment. (there is a cable yoke at the back of the tandem boom) The second cable will be the thinking point, I think the 3 speed needs a cable housing full length, it might be easier to have two separate cables for single and tandem. I should just get my own so I don't have to worry about disassembly.
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