Rover derailleur post

The post on my trike is angled rearward 60 degrees from vertical and is 7 inches long.


  •   5¢ of photos on the subject



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  • Yeah, too bad nobody is selling those any more
  • Not difficult to make
  • You have a welding system handy? I've got the drill press and metal cutting bits and cutting oils.
  •   Don't understand the elongated hole on the front of the tube. Doesn't appear to serve any noticeable purpose.

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  •   Ahh, makes sense then! Thought perhaps it was a glorified deer whistle.

      While you may laugh at that, I did hit a deer on the Rockhopper once on the American River Bike Trail near Folsom side. Was running a cheesy 2 C cell headlight from Cateye. Never even saw the small herd of deer till I hit them.
      Next paycheck I bought a NightSun system, 10 watt low beam, 30 watt high beam. Best headlamps ever, especially since they were normal bulbs. The inventor said the lights were guaranteed to never burn out, and they never did. - Converted them later in life as a hand-light for working in the mountains and in the snow. Did get a light ring formed once when the light dropped on a boulder. :(
      For $200 them lights served me for over 15 years till the rechargeable battery croaked.

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  •   Not sure what happened to the NightSun lights... did find my very first cycle computer today though... a Cateye ATC. Only have the removable computer part. Wonder if it still works? lol

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  • Lol. Well then I'll hit Home Depot looking for a thick PVC pipe about 1 1/8 thick, and a 60 deg angle piece (or 30, depends on perspective)
  • If you use PVC paint to prevent UV damage
  •   I'd say too many spots could get out of adjustment if brushed up against or caused by vibration.

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  • Need something that will not move
  • @jamesr bought one for his Rover and is going to be our test subject for it.
  • LOL!!

    That bottle holder is fairly small, so perhaps hose clamps or 2" u-bolts are called for, to hold it firmly.

    As for wrapping a derailleur on it, I was thinking that a pvc pipe screwed to the upright would work. PVC alone is a bit weak, but with the metal of the holder backing it, perhaps it would work.

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