Undercarriage Lighting Solutions



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  •   No, preoccupied with both PT jobs. First 10 days of every month am overly occupied with work related duties, then I come home and play either GW2 or EQ2 to wear myself out. Get up and do it all over again. Those 10 days are usually a blur.

      VA MOVE program dropped me as I've not been able to participate in the program like I wanted, but are sending out a scale that I can use to monitor weight-loss progress on my own. I've been really wanting to ride outside, though the two jobs keep me hopping on the weekends.

      Big winter storm coming in tonight, unsure when I'll be able to get out and ride - and depending upon how much snow we get.

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  • 1st try -Took a ride in the rural areas, seems rather bright.

    Using the temporary 12V power source that came with these lights. (2) 12 inch strips save one that was cut by three lights which is needing wire jumpers to extend to the lights underneath the seat.

    Walk-around video on a new road under construction.
    Was a bit winded as rode in sand/loose gravel and lost all momentum. Kept going, found a flat spot to turn around.

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  • Huzzah! Found the old topic.
    gern wrote: »
    @IdahoTrailLizard. You can get self adhesive, ready to install strip LED's from the Auto Zone in Ontario, OR. Just go there and look at what they have. Most of the packages have a button you can press to see what the lights do.

    There is a small battery in the package. I know where of I speak. I was an Owner/Operator Semi driver. I used a lot of the strip LED's from Auto Zone on the inside and outside of my truck. After 6 years and nearly 750,000 miles they ALL still worked like the day I bought them.

    I am bringing my Rambler into the apartment for the winter and will be illuminating the heck out of it with LED's. When it's done, I'll post pics of before and after.

    @gern How did the lighting experiment go?

    Found out that blue does give off a nice glow without impeding night vision. However, bored state troopers will hassle ya over it... /sigh Green would probably be a no-no too. Forest Rangers ya know. LOL


    Not sure what other colors would give off a nice glow around your area and not impede night vision?

    Will probably end up using Amber...

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