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I am 65 years old, big guy 6-3 275 lbs. I recently had 2 total knee replacements. I ride a stationary recumbent bike for rehab and exercise. I used to ride a conventional bike but I have found that since my knee replacements, getting on and off the bike is an adventure. So much so I have pretty much given it up, I'm thinking seriously about getting a trike. Specifically looking at a Rover. Any comments or advice would be greatly appreciated. Oh, the area I will be riding is relatively flat, some paving, some gravel bike trails. 


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    Hey Lewii, just do it!  I rode a delta trike (2 wheels on back, 1 front) for 10 years, but not seriously.  When my doctor told me that I had type 2 diabetes and that I had better lose some weight and exercise, I went to the local bike shop and test rode a Rover.  In 10 minutes I was hooked, brought it home and sold the delta.  That was in June of this year.  Since then I have ridden 2,500 miles, on my second set of tires and lost 75 pounds.  Oh yeah, the diabetes is totally under control, too.  I am retired, 69, and ride 20 to 25 miles every day in southwest Florida. I know every dogs name in a 5 mile radius and their owners by first name.  Life on a Rover is absolutely amazing.   I bought a motor assist trike for my wife so that she can join me on morning rides when her health allows.  
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      One good thing about these trikes when taking on steeper inclines than one is used to. If you get tired, stop. Put the parking brakes on. Stretch the legs if needed, drink some water, down that Monster, eat a banana & fig bar. When you're ready undo the parking brakes and pedal on to glory.

      I do miss the granny gear that my Rockhooper has during those times, but one has to give up some things to enjoy other things. 3 wheels is far safer than just 2.

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  • Lewii, a test ride is a great idea, I think you'll love a trike.  I was a lifelong cycling fan, but things changed when I developed MS a few years ago.  I tried to keep rolling but it became tougher and more dangerous; a year ago I bought a Rambler, this spring after one short 2 wheel ride I put it away for good and now am 3 wheels full time.  The advantage for me is no worry about balance or clipping in / out of pedals for every stop, I just leave my feet where they are.  Flat areas with bike trils sounds like a wonderful place to be on a trike!

    Consider Versa Bars to assist with getting up / down if that's an issue; clipless pedals, toe clips, or straps are important to keep your feet on the pedals and avoid "leg suck", where a loose foot strikes the ground and gets pulled under the trike.

  • I'm two weeks out from two total knee replacements and can't wait to get back on my Rover.  It's a whole different experience in bike riding and will do wonders for those "old age" diseases.

    Plus, the dealers don't sell many in the winter and you may get a great deal now.  Buy one, you'll love it!
  • Thanks to all who left comments. Just like a couple of you said, I went to the local shop and rode one, and went home with it. Really looking forward to putting some miles on it. 
  • So what did you get? Don't leave us in suspense!
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      Yes, what did you get?? Greenspeed Magnum or All-Terrain Rambler?? 

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  • Highly tricked out 1982 Pontiac Trans Am?
    Really fast and heavily armed Bell 222 helicopter?
    Kenworth K100 cab over truck with literal arms?

    Seriously, let us know. We're hanging in suspense.

    Why yes, I *AM* a child of the 80's. Why do you ask? :)

    - PaulNM
  • @PaulNM, I think we're ALL children of the 70's and 80's here, mostly.
  • What happened to the 60's? Oh yeah. If you remember the 60' weren't there!
  •   I was hatched in the 60's. Turn 55 very, very soon. Rover was a b-day gift to myself. :)

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  • I was mostly wondering if anyone would get the references. :)

    - PaulNM
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    About one year and 5000 km, AC1 way down, 20 lbs gone, night leg cramps gone, back doesnt hurt, butt doesnt hurt, sholders, wrist and arms dont hurt... Wallet doesn't even hurt too much. What's not to love? 72 going on 15!
  • I got rid of my plantar fasciitis as soon as I started riding regularly.  My A1C and BP are way down.  Still waiting for the weight to drop.  At least now I'm a healthy overweight person. 

  • I wish we had "like" buttons for some of these comments!
  • I bought a Rover, internal 8. Have already decided to upgrade to the 24" wheels when I take it in for 30 day check up. So far so good! 
  • It's expensive!  Make sure that's what you really want Lewii.
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