Rear gears

Has any one change from internal hub  to external gears . i have a chance to buy rover for $50.00  it has 3 speeds internal i need change any help would be nice thank you guys oldtriker


  • I think @jamesr and @PaulNM have done it
  •   Test ride it first. $50 seems rather cheap. $350 maybe, but I'd be checking for cracks.

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  • $50 is dirt cheap. As long as the frame is still in good shape it's a steal even if the wheels/brakes/hub/etc are shot. 

    But yeah, make sure the frame is ok. It almost certainly is, as the Rovers are tough, but you never know what's been done to it. 

    - PaulNM
  • There's a guy in Australia who had the 3 speed IGH and a cassette as well. Done that way, it could almost be like having a cassette in back and a triple up front. ;-)
  • I think I'd go mad and be up in the clock tower with a shotgun, tossing sprockets off the tower and blasting them!
  •   Hmm.. would be interesting in knowing more about this dual-drive gizmo and knowing about it's shifting. In effect I could toss the Rockhopper's 7 speed cassette on, BioPace chain rings, and be laughing at pedal slap.

      Back to reality James, we don't have the funds for that. Stick to the 3 rings up front with IGH for now.

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  •   But how does one shift, you'd have to required 2 shifters on your handle(s)?

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  • Hey Lizard, the internal 3sp would replace the front 3 rings. You would use the left shifter for the IGH and the right shifter for external gears.
  • The guy I'm thinking about is "SA Triker", who makes all those aussie videos on youtube. Just look up "SA Triker" on youtube and you'll see his videos.

    IIRC, he's got an SA 3 gear IGH, an 11-30 cassette, and a Schlumpf Mountain Drive up front on his newer bike that he calls "Deep Purple". His wife has a similar setup, but with rings in front on "Big Red".

    ANYHOW - I brought up the external cassette because I thought it could be added to the 3 spd IGH this guy was going to buy easier than replacing the IGH.
  • 24 gears all in the hub, two shifters combined in one. Thumb and twist. Looks pretty nice. Combined with three up front would be ridiculous!
  • I have 27 gears , 3x9, and there are a number of them that never have been used and I ride in some rolling terrain.
    Cannot imagine needing more gears but I also understand the need to tinker.
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    Add your own 8,9, or 10 sprocket cassette and deraileur and you're good to go.
  • @rirover, that SRAM-DD3-24 looks great!  But I can't seem to find a pricing on it.  Do you have any idea of the price?
  • I just did a Google search on "Best price on a" and added "SRAM-DD3-24" and came up with a quick range of $142-$178... not too bad!
  • I'm wondering what an lbs will charge to re-make my rear wheel with this . . .

    @oldtriker, buy the darned thing if the frame isn't cracked! With everything these guys have shown you, you can turn it into a trike hotrod and STILL be only 20% the cost of a new one.

    And Utah Trikes still has some rear wheels for Rovers in their leftover inventory that have no hubs, etc. that would be perfect for installing this SRAM-DD3-24 into.
  • @jrobiso2 not on the web site. eBay has the hub for 150, shifter for 40, click box for 12. Then $1 a spoke some cable and a cassette. Oh and a derailleur. I'm thinking a diyer is doing it for 300
  • My LBS charges $50 to rebuild a wheel.
  • No just labor.
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