Gone indoors

First snow storm hit today. That's it for outside riding until April possibly.
The Zoomer goes into the stationary trainer tomorrow.


  • It's just cooling off enough to make riding fun here.
  •   Hoping for snow here, that's going to be fun riding in.

      Ice and lots of wind might make rides shorter. With an IGH snow is just another surface waiting to be tried. :)

    ¬ ITL
  • edited November 2016
    We can get 12 feet of snow over the winter. Wherever it's cleared there's plenty of sand and salt used on the roads and that combo isn't very compatible with trike running gear.
    We get our winter outdoor exercise from cross country skiing. Many of the area mups are groomed for cross country skiing.
  • What kind of trainer?  I just got a SportCrafter and one wheel squeaks when I use the brake lock.  It goes away when I squeeze firmly on the hand brakes.  Must be an adjustment issue.
  • Mine is a 20 year old upright trainer with a resistance clutch. Look at my avatar photo
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