Silver Comet Trail

Wife and I leave tomorrow afternoon for Georgia from Michigan for a couple days of riding (Friday and Saturday) on the Silver Comet Trail.  Lodging in Rockmart, GA.  Plans are to ride both directions, first day east and then second day west from Rockmart.  We've read a lot online about this trail and are looking forward to the experience.  Any out there with experience on the Silver Comet?  Any suggestions?  Restaurants?  Spots of interest on the trail?  Etc?


  • imageSilver Comet Pics.

    Trailhead Downtown Rockmart GA.


    Wife - Kay

    There are many spots to stop with benches and picnic tables.

    Kay and her Sportster.

    Lee (yours truly) and his Sporster. 

    Another shot along the trail.

    I apologize for forgetting to take a photo of the Brushy Mountain Tunnel.  It is 800 feet in length and well lighted.  Overall we thoroughly enjoyed our day yesterday traveling east from Rockmart.  Today we plan to ride west from Rockmart.
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    Ok, I'm giving this another shot.  :-)

    Photos of the SiIver Comet Trail

    Trail-head Downtown Rockmart, Georgia
    photo IMG_4147_zpshhfvk8qq.jpg
    photo IMG_4148_zpsxsutuwra.jpg

    There are many spots to stop with benches and/or picnic tables.
    photo IMG_4153_zpslw0nyiyj.jpg
    photo d3d62a53-9f91-4c22-9737-557a941a756f_zpsimdzviph.jpg

    Kay (wife) and her Sportster.
    photo IMG_4174_zpszngggrfa.jpg

    Lee (yours truly) and his Sporster.
    photo IMG_4179_zps36tb0nvh.jpg

    Another shot along the trail.
    photo IMG_4180_zpsxgymxajk.jpg

    The most challenging portion is a section about seven miles west of Rockmart.  It is referenced on some of the online descriptions as Surprise Hill.  One local that we met on the trail referred to it as Trash Mountain because of the nearby landfill.  It has some "monster" grades!  Uphill is a bear.  Downhill is a scream.
    Here is Kay beginning the first grade incline.  The uphill grade seemed to never end. :-(
    photo IMG_4193_zps0v1epvuh.jpg

    A shot at the summit beginning the first of several downhill grades.
    photo IMG_4207_zpszhpwpw9d.jpg

    Overall, this trail was beautiful.  We thoroughly enjoyed it, yes, even the "Surprise Hill."  We highly recommend it.  With the connection at the Alabama state line on to the Chief Ladiga Trail, it is 98 miles all paved, mostly concrete.  There was a short asphalt stretch.  We covered 45 miles over the two days.  We do hope to return some day.
  • I am so green with envy at folks who live in places where they can ride all year long!
  • Looks beautiful!  We don't get trees changing colors down here in South Florida.

  • What a dummy am I?  :-(

    I wasn't thinking!!  I deleted the photos from my PhotoBucket and now they are not available

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  • I am determined to master this.  :-)  I'll just throw some pics in here and then promise not to delete them from my Photobucket.

    photo IMG_4147_zpsntvgbkae.jpg

    photo IMG_4148_zps0n4ul99o.jpg

    photo IMG_4161_zpszcxrugjy.jpg

    photo IMG_4188_zpsn0hiqxtt.jpg

    photo IMG_4174_zpszzaeaejk.jpg

    photo IMG_4179_zps0glybxkj.jpg

    photo IMG_4193_zps9oyc2jpb.jpg

    photo IMG_4208_zpsayjorftg.jpg

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  • My wife continues to amaze me.  A couple days ago, I asked if she would like to go to Florida between Christmas and New Years.  We have a number of relatives and friends in the Leesburg area as well as Fort Myers. Last evening she mentioned that instead of Florida, she would rather go back to Georgia and ride the Silver Comet some more.  I told her that we might encounter some chilly temps, but, she said that she would rather ride in 50 degrees versus upper 80 degrees like we did a few time this past summer.  So, Georgia, here we come ............ again.  
  • LOL. I hope you have a great time. More pics of the trip, of course
  • Sure thing, now that I've "mastered" the process and know that I shouldn't delete them from Photobucket after posting them on the forum.  :-)
  • It could be a lot colder than 50's in Northern Georgia.  I spent 17 years in the Florida panhandle and the winters were very unpredictable.  I saw 70 degrees on New Years Day and 20 degrees in 2008 during Obama's first inauguration.  It snowed in Atlanta two winters ago.  

    Ft Myers will probably have highs in the 70's at that same time with little precipitation.  It's the dry season.  I wore a hoodie and sweat pants occasionally only because I was riding around 9 am.  In the afternoon, the weather should be delightful.

    Hope you get lucky and have great weather for your trip!
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