Tour II Gone?



  • @TrikeBirder TT does usually announce things a bit in advance, though not years ahead of time. Usually bentrider will have an article about the upcoming tweaks that year's models will have.

    The big exception to that was the Traveler, I don't remember exactly how far ahead of time it was announced, but we were aware it was coming down the pipeline for quite awhile.

    Catrike did tease the Dumont for awhile before making an official announcement, but had setback and other issues that delayed launch. I don't think they intended to make the wait be *quite* that long. :) Come to think of it, the Traveler was delayed a bit as well. That happens when creating new things.

    The thing they have in common is they were major inventions that had nothing equivalent in stock at the time. They were also innovations the respective companies *had* to make happen at some point. Letting people know they were on the way assured everyone the company was still relevent and doing great things.

    - PaulNM
  • @PaulNM You are correct to call me out on TT not announcing things in advance. I have only owned a trike for 6 months now, with 6 months of Forum lurking and online trike study before that. So thank you for pointing this out to me. And my apologies to you, the Fourm, and TerraTrike, for my inappropriate uninformed comment. 

    But, while respecting your opinion on the subject, I have to respectively disagree with you on best business practice. Having had a stake in three, and having had owned two successful businesses, I can attest that, while it is a delicate balancing act, being open, honest, always available via computer, and up front with your customer base can indeed work very well. 

    Thanks for your thoughtful replies.
  • Forgot to add forthcoming to the list BBP.
  • Didn't really feel like I was correcting you, just offering an alternate viewpoint. The fear of pre-announcing things affecting current sales is very real. It has destroyed businesses in the past, especially if the thing being announced gets delayed or fails to meet promises/expectations. (Osborne effect, for those interested, though not everything given as an example of the effect actually failed because of it.)

    Based on what you said, I suspect Mike was specifically talking about the regular yearly improvements. While they do announce them ahead of time, it's only just before they come out and well after testing/production verified it'll be happening. Or in other words: prudent business practices. :) Quietly plan, test, and produce: then announce and give out.

    I do totally agree the openness and honesty are the best and ideal way to run a business. Like you said, it can be a balancing act at times. 

    For example, let's say you use a 3rd party part in your product (like trikes use rear hubs) that seems to experience an unusually high failure rate. Customers blame the part, the part manufacturer says it's due to improper usage by customers, while it seems clear to you it's a combination of the two. Without any real proof you can't go on record a blaming any particular party, so the prudent thing to do is stop using that part and stay fairly mum on why. (Or offer a half-hearted explanation.) You pretty much just have to keep your head down and hope that someday they'll fix their production issues so you can start offering the part again.

    Unfortunately that part was slightly unique and customers unaware of it's past start asking *why* did you make the change. In a forum without staff members around, I feel more comfortable saying why I believe the part is no longer available and the reasons for it. With staff members around, I have to worry whether or not other forum members less aware of the etiquette/balancing act involved will start bugging the staff members for clearer answers.

    Yes, that example is based off of a specific issue in TT's past. No it's not the Tour II. And having said all that, I'm not 100% convinced that's a good enough reason not to have an active staff presence on the forums.  

    I feel that now is a good time to point how how good of a job TT has done with their forums. There's been no censoring of posts, and I've never seen a staff member try to influence any discussion. When they do get involved, it's to answer a question and help out. I've never felt like I would get in trouble for bringing up anything, and I doubt anyone else has, too. The forums have been open since day one, and it seems clear things will continue that way regardless of past/current/future staff involvement.

    - PaulNM
  • Jeebus, I wish the comment edit field could be resized. It makes it really hard to tell how rediculuously large my posts are getting until after posting.  :(
  • TerraTrike has much to be proud of, and I want to be clear that I applaud TerraTrike for this excellent Forum... I've learned more about trikes here than I have nearly anywhere else!

    And I have nothing but praise for individuals I have dealt directly with... Taylor, and his cohorts deserve special accolades. Additionally they seem to be open and honest as as forthcoming as their team leaders allow. 

    Additionally, living in Michigan, I love that TerraTrike is a Michigan company and does as much US based materials sourcing as feasible. The truth is, I love TerraTrike. But I do see room for improvement.

    Commitment to continual improvement is the key to running a long term successful business. I have to believe TerraTrike has such a commitment. The extent of their web presence (including this Forum) is unsurpassed in the industry.

    @Jamesr - Thankyou for the time machine trip! 
  • @chonk, in 2010, regarding the decision to create the Rover: "We've found that everytime we've been able to lower the price, the demographic and number of people we see increases. The Path3 at $899 sells half of what the Path8 does. And our Cruiser/Tours are still our number 1 and 2 sellers over all."

    Given the success of the Rover, I suspect TT is following the same marketing path and we will see a newer sub-$1000 model added in place of the Tour II, whose sales had died over the last few years.  

    I think TT is positioning themselves as the "door to the recumbent market" (admittedly, Sportster doesn't exactly fit this model) rather than being the "get all your needs here". Almost as if they are happy to be our first recumbent, but unconcerned with being our 2nd or 3rd when we become aficionados and know exactly what we want. They'll happily watch that 2nd or 3rd trike sale go to Greenspeed or ICE or HPVelo or CaTrike.

    All that negativity aside - they still have the greatest service dept I've ever seen. For that reason alone I'll withhold final judgement until the summer and see what @chonk has up his marketing sleeve.

  • Sportster is an excellent trike. If someone is moving up from a Rover or Rambler why wouldn't it be considered ?

    I think seat height is the number one consideration in buying a trike. You can get in and out of it or you can't and that eliminates a significant number of low slung trikes a bunch of people want.
  • I am planning on going to the next TerraTrike rally in 2017. Will definitely test drive the Sportster. To me it looks much like the tour II with lightweight parts. Do wish it had the indirect steer like the Tour.
  • Given my size, I'm going to be limited to the Rover unless their new model has a thick-walled pipe version.
    Sportster looks cool, but to go that way as an upgrade I'd have to jump to a Magnum, etc
  • When is the rally, if you know?
  • @ jrob it hasn't been announced yet that I've found. But I was told they are doing it again in 2017
  • I believe the 2016 TerraTrike Rally was held in early August. As that is the only TT rally I have attended, I can not speak to whether or not it is typically held in early August. Maybe Taylor, or someone at TT can speak to the typical time in the summer the event takes place. I hope this is helpful.
  • Anyone heard any news about the Tour II's replacement yet?
  • edited January 2017
    My local dealer said they are going to introduce a new model in the spring.  He didn't know what it would be.  :((

    A bright spot here, even though it's 5F at the moment, is that I'm selling my Catrike 559.  It's been replaced by a new Catrike Dumont...  I've only had the chance for a short check ride, but it was totally cool.  Temps are going to warm up over the next few days and I can take a serious ride.  I'm working on a post for my blog. [-O<
  • From what I've seen, TT has steadily evolved away from bent trikes to straight frame, high seat trikes. I'm not sure I like that path.
  • I'm not saying the TT stable should go back to all bent, but at least replace the Tour II with a bent
  • Terra Trike is giving up a significant chunk of the market if all their products go high seat and straight frame.
    If you follow the recumbent FB page their are many low seat riders
  • Agreed. The Tour replacement needs to be a bent, long distance trike. They've got enough high seat, straight frame trikes.
  • TrikesterHal You have me drooling! I've been dreaming of owning a Catrike Dumont or 559. I need to sell a lens before I can afford the Dumont, and that's only if I get a good price for the lens. A slightly used Catrike 559 is undoubtedly much more doable. How much would I have to give you for that 559? And where is home for you... in case I need to plan a road trip. ;)
  • Heck, sell a lens to get the Dumont? I'd have to sell my left testicle to buy one of those!
  • @Elrique64 If you want a 150-600, I'd steer you toward the Sigma Sport version. I tried out both Sigma's and the Tamron before going to South Africa last year, and the Sigma Sport left the other two in the dust! I have the Nikon 200-400mm F4 and the Sigma was almost as good as the Nikon with a 1.4 extender attached.

    The equipment I have for sale includes the Sigma 300-800mm f5.6 (~$8K new from B&H) and a heavy duty Gitzo carbon-fiber tripod (with camo neoprene leg covers) and a heavy duty gimbal head (Jobu Design). If I part it out on ebay, I'll try and get $4500 for just the lens, and $1,000 for the tripod and head. If I don't have to go through all the hassle of ebay, I'd take $4400 (why? $4150 (Dumont MSRP x6% tax = $4400). The lens has been extremely well cared for.
  • So I take it that you are a professional :-)
  • They say it takes 10 years to become "expert" at something. I'd say you've exceeded that requirement.
  • Just to clarify, If I sell it before listing on ebay, I'll take $4400 for all of it (the things listed for sale above).
  • Trikebirder,  I sent you a private message so please reply quickly...for a reason.  :)]
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