Find year of my rover

How do you find the year of my trike  . i look for vin# and did not find one iam going to looking more for vin# 
Any help would be nice oldtriker 


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    Other details would also help narrow down the year:

    Internal or external gearing?
    How many gears does the trike have? (1,2,3,8, or "infinite")
    What model is the rear hub, if it's an internal hub.
    Silver with colored stickers, or blue with a black boom?
    Are the boom and frame parts held together with large bolts that go vertically through the center of the frame, or hex grub screws that go through the corner?

    The Rover was introduced sometime in 2010, so we only have about 7 years to work with. Fortunately TerraTrike has been continuously refining it, so each year has slightly different options available.

    - PaulNM

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    After you locate the serial number... and accurately write it down (it is extremely difficult to read), and it is helpful to know who the original owner was (if available) then it is possible that Taylor etc. can use either of those to locate the sale date. Taylor did this for me. I bought a used Rover in mid-June and called to locate the serial number. Once I learned where it was located, I attempted to read the number - first in really good light, next, with a flashlight held at different angles, using the different shadows to give the numbers more depth. Odd thing is, the numbers I decided were accurate (I got 3 different sets of numbers viewing them multiple times) were different than the number on the original sales receipt (?!) and to further complicate things, both of these numbers were different than the two numbers TerraTrike had on file for the trikes (the guy I bought it from bought 2, one for him, one for his wife - she kept hers and he bought a new Traveler). When I got my bike license, the police officer who checked the serial number, came up with yet another number. He took down 3 different serial numbers for my trike... said he had never seen a serial number so hard to read. Good Luck!
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      The bike shop there I got mine messed up on the serial number too. I took shots in varied light with a digital camera & smartphone, and have the photos saved too.

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  • I had just saved a photo of my purchase receipt on which my dealer had written the serial. Well, guess I should double-check mine now. :)

    Don't know how it is on the other models, but I echo comments about the Rover's being hard to read. It seems it's stamped or engraved before the frame gets painted. The protective coat is viscous enough to fill in the number a bit and pool up, making he serial number boundaries smooth and somewhat vague.

    If you're having a hard time reading the numbers, try using a camera with flash.

    - PaulNM
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