Rear adaptor for disk brake

Has anyone made adaptor to install rear  disk break on rover i would like to any help would be nice .
God bless oldtriker 


  • @Elrique64 (and anyone else) I know that some internally geared hubs (i.e. Shimano Nexus) sometimes include what they call a "coaster brake," which I understand coasts like a freewheel, and allows for some breaking by the pilot pedaling backwards. But I have never heard anything from a trike owner using any rear coaster brake. Do you have any experience with these, and could you comment on the pros and cons of using a rear coaster brake on a hub in addition to the disk brakes on the front - if it is even possible? 
  • A rear disc could provide braking but the riders weight and where the trikes C.G. is will determine how effective it is. A seat that's very low and rearward would be good.
    A upright and forward seat that's also high isn't a good configuration.
  • I was thinking it might be quite helpful drag braking going downhill once I get the BBSHD installed. It shouldn't overheat and warp disks or contribute to brake steer either as you mentioned above.  
  • Thank you guys i was thinking about drag break . I like comment thank again . I am looking for news parts shifter and new seat cover coming in mail by 12/7 /16 . God bless have a great Christmas and remember why we do
    Christmas anyway . Oldtriker
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