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  • Hey @Elrique64, you wouldn't happen to have a Rover still, with a derailleur?  I need a pic of how the return chain tube support is mounted. I'll be cutting mine back a bit (it's for an IGH and goes almost to the rear sprocket) and to prevent excess rubbing with the chain, I'd like to move the support mount forward like on the x8, but the images of the x8 on the TT site aren't good enough to show me the mount for the return tube support.
  • From the looks of the Rambler, they seem to just let the tube bend the tiny amount needed when changing front ring, so that shouldn't be a worry.

    For me, I'm just concerned with the drastic angle from the bottom of a "long" style derailleur up into the return chain tube where it's mounted now. From their pics, it appears to be mounted to the bottom of the seat clamp/bolt with a short extension arm, but there's no close-up view to be sure. 

    I suppose I can just grab a 90 deg angled flat bar of fairly thin stock, 2" each direction, from Home Depot and make my own to do the above, but as always, having a good pic is worth the time to find.  If I went with a roller, I'd have to do something similar anyhow to mount the roller and a roller won't protect the tie rod the way a tube does.
  • Now that I think about it, taking the existing chain tube holder and tie-wrapping it to a front cross-member would do the trick. It'll keep the tube in place; allow a long enough length to "bend"  for the low derailleur height without undue chaffing; and protect the tie rod. Cheapest and simplest solution (also the tube itself will need a bit of cutting down, and so will the top tube, to ease the ring changes in front).
  • TT sent me a pic of the tube mounting for the x8. Shorter tube, easy mount with a 3" metal bar from home depot and it'll be like the factory x8 machines.
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    Yeah, the Rover x8 return chain tube is done almost exactly the same as the video you posted. 3" vertical bar off the bottom of seat post, chain holder is mounted to the bar.
  • They use a vertical-only metal bar to mount the chain tube holder to. I'm considering making an elbow, with a 1" long hole/channel in the horizontal section, allowing 1" of travel laterally to support the movement needed when I change rings.

  • T-cycle had good stuff but right now I'm sick of spending money. I've got cabinet corner braces in the garage and a drill press to make the needed holes and grooves. $0.
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