Super comfortable Recumbent Trike. Beautiful blue Cruiser model. 4130 chromoly
steel, Shimano gears, 24 Speeds, Upgrades include Shimano Trigger Shifters for both front and rear derailleurs, Avid BB7 Disc Brakes, newer Primo Comet tires and 2 booms. Large boom is currently installed. Also included is a short boom. Mesh seat in excellent condition; no rips or tears. Seat is full adjustable. Dual parking brakes. Paint is excellent. Bike shifts, rides and stops perfectly. It needs nothing. Can email or text pics.
$1000 Firm. Located in Atlantic County, NJ.
Email or Text: 6zero9-5One7-701Eight


  • please contact tom V @   tmvahalla@gmail.com  

    what make and model
  • Tom, the Cruiser is a now, discontinued TerraTrike model. I believe TerraTrike had 3 trikes with similar frames and components: the Path, the Tour, and the Cruiser. They sort of combined the three into the recently discontinued Tour II back in 2012 (I think?). Most of us don't know what is coming, but TT has hinted at a big announcement coming in the spring.

    If you read the post above, you'll notice that the potential trike seller (he) does tell you the model, and he suggests that if you are interested, he lists his phone number for you to call. Often when people are selling their trike on the fourm, they give enough info for interested parties to contact them. You'll also notice that he gives you a phone number to call if you are interested. He was smart and left the phone number in a format not likely to be identified as such by a so called "web bot" or "spider" that endlessly scour the web for phone numbers and email addresses. 

    A little trick I've learned here on the forum is to click on the persons username in (yellowish orange) at the top of any post. By doing this and reading the page that pops up, you can see - when they joined, how many times they have visited, and the last time they were on the forum. 

    For example, you joined Nov 29th, you have made 4 visits to the forum, and you have left 12 comments, and not yet started any discussions. Cruiser, on the other hand, joined Dec 5th, has not yet been back (and might not ever be back?!) made no comments, and only started on discussion... this one! Given all this info, it is likely that the Cruiser is for sale in a number of places, so it would behoove you, or anyone else seriously looking to purchase a trike from this forum, to be as proactive as they can in order to make their purchase.

    I am not sharing this information to be antagonistic, just the opposite. We were all new here once, and I learned the hard way, by doing precisely what you have done, I left messages for the seller to contact me. One did, but only to tell me it had sold. Eventually, I contacted a seller from the info they provided on the forum, and bought a TerraTrike Rover for $650. Last week, I did similarly, and purchased a used TerraTrike Traveler for my wife for $800. I also had been checking on eBay and Craigslist. 

    I can tell by your tenacious activity here on the forum trying to buy a trike that you will be successful in your pursuit. I am confident you will love your trike once you are successful. Best of luck.

    One more thing, TerraTrike has made some changes to some of their models and has discounted prices on a new trike with warranty. Ever trike I have investigated only warranties to the original owner... something to consider. Currently you can buy a new Rover for as little as $999 or a new folding TerraTrike Traveler for as little as $1599 directly (or indirectly) through TerraTrike. Some dealers are further discounting those prices and/or the prices they have on a 2015 or 2016 model.
    :) :) :)
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