Any other tandem trikes out there?

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DH and I ride a tandem trike and are wondering if there are any other tandem riders in the west MI area? We live further north, but visit family in western MI frequently. We were hoping to meet up with some other tandem riders and compare notes, learn from one anothers experiences.


  • Hubby and I just bought a TT tandem so we are new to the tandem world, we both have had trikes for a few years though, Sport and Zoomer Elite, so we are not new to the wonderful world of bents. We live in the Holland area, and would be interested in riding with others. Rode our new tandem to Lake Michigan today, no clouds in sight and a perfect day to ride. Happy and safe riding :D
  • We have a Rover Tandem in the Chicago area. It's a bit unusual in that it has a BionX SL350 electric assist, and an 8 speed rear derailleur. My did those improve our fun on it! Here's a link to two blog entries about it on the Terratrike dealer site where I work: ... ver-tandem
    and ... lem-solved
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