Trike Repair Stands



  • I know. Trikes are a bear to pick up. I struggle picking mine up to put it on the Alpaca rack. Sometimes it's easier to get under it to lift it up.
  • I have my Rover on its’ side indoors. Still waiting on that grease, that I ordered Wednesday, from a source 35 miles away. That’s what you get for free shipping. You can do more on a stand. But in a pinch, just roll it. Did so outdoors on deck when replacing steering bushings.
  • TCEd wrote: »
    just put it on the kitchen table when your wife goes shopping and beg forgiveness if she comes home early. 
    LOL! I don't know how many times I have had to do this over car parts being in the dishwasher!
  • Now that I have a garage, my trike will never come back in the house. Would love to have a kitchen table out there but I just bought a folding one with height adjustment. It will work well!
  • Tight Trike is nice. Nice comes at a price. Me, I am cheap but will pay the $$$ when need to.
    My trike stand for my Rover is a 5 gallon bucket under each wheel. Easy to lift the trike and get it back down. And when I need to do derailleur adjusting I put the rear wheel on an old windtrainer.
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