Trike Repair Stands



  • I know. Trikes are a bear to pick up. I struggle picking mine up to put it on the Alpaca rack. Sometimes it's easier to get under it to lift it up.
  • I have my Rover on its’ side indoors. Still waiting on that grease, that I ordered Wednesday, from a source 35 miles away. That’s what you get for free shipping. You can do more on a stand. But in a pinch, just roll it. Did so outdoors on deck when replacing steering bushings.
  • TCEd wrote: »
    just put it on the kitchen table when your wife goes shopping and beg forgiveness if she comes home early. 
    LOL! I don't know how many times I have had to do this over car parts being in the dishwasher!
  • Now that I have a garage, my trike will never come back in the house. Would love to have a kitchen table out there but I just bought a folding one with height adjustment. It will work well!
  • Tight Trike is nice. Nice comes at a price. Me, I am cheap but will pay the $$$ when need to.
    My trike stand for my Rover is a 5 gallon bucket under each wheel. Easy to lift the trike and get it back down. And when I need to do derailleur adjusting I put the rear wheel on an old windtrainer.
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    TrikeBirder-did you make a decision on a repair stand?? A fellow on YouTube listed two videos where he slid a pvc tube apparatus under his trike, then pulled the rack to an upright position. He did not list any sizes of the pieces. Seems you just need some room for both trike and pvc rack. I found it under
    “diy recumbent trike repair stand.” Calls
    himself No Body. Enjoy.
  • @Finn59, I made a PVC trike stand about a year ago. I found all the photos and plans I could find on a Google search. Then made a couple of modifications. I'm a measure trice cut once kind of guy, so I initially used no glue or screws to put it all together. It sort of worked, but it was too unstable. So, T decided to drill and screw it together so it could be easily taken apart and altered. That improved stability, and it works pretty good. Eventually I will likely glue it, as I believe it will be much sturdier done that way.
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