Any make your own plans for car carrier for two Tour II trikes?

Have been searching for plans to make our own trike carrier for SUV for our two trikes. Does anyone know of any good ones out there or does anyone know of a good dual carrier we can purchase? Hate to have to sell bikes because we don't have a good way to transport (had truck when we purchased them). Thanks!


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    Check out the Universal Trike Carrier on this TT Website in the Accessories Button under the Products Tab.

    Years ago, I used a very similar setup to carry a canoe on top of a Suburban.  It worked very well.

  • The Alpaca Carrier sold at Terra Trikes' store will hold two trikes.  Go to to see how they fit.  You can also mount a trike and a regular bike on it.

    I own and Alpaca Carrier and found it is great for the trikes.  It also breaks into two parts so it's not too heavy.  I can load it onto the car by myself.
  • @debb There was a woman in Florida that was selling her two Tour II's and she had a custom built car carrier for them. I had worked out a package deal for the two trikes and the car carrier, but before we could seal the deal, someone purchased one of the trikes (they were on ebay) and then the second one sold. She told me she intended to sell the trike carrier on ebay too. If it isn't listed, leave me a note here at: @TrikeBirder here and I'll try and locate her phone number if you would like.
  • Thanks for the feedback on dual trike carrier. I didn't find it on eBay so if offer still open Trikebirder, would appreciate phone number
  • @debb, yes, I believe I found the phone number of the couple... sorry I don't remember their names, and only had the phone number in my phone history. I did call them and ask them if they still had their custom made trike car carrier, and left a message for them to call me back. If I hear back that she still has the carrier, I will let you know. I guess there is no harm in me giving you their phone number. Sorry about leaving it in the following way, but I want to avoid "web crawlers" finding it. I believe this is what your looking for: seven 27 - four 57 - nine 758. I hope it works out for you!
  • @debb, The number above is the wrong number... that was the phone number of the folks who I bought my used Traveler from. I'll look further and get back with you here.
  • Ok @debb, I found the original ebay post where they were selling their two Tour II's. I'll keep looking, so don't give up on me yet. You be able to contact them through ebay. Here is the post and link to it: 
    Terra Trike Recumbrant Bike
  • Thanks TrikeBirder. I did send a message to them via the eBay link. I will pass on the outcome. Merry Christmas!
  • Merry Christmas to you to debb. By the way, I noticed they still have a bird for sale and I put a bid of $1 on their $400 Cocatoo and left a note. Here is that link:


  • Making a plan to make your own trike carrier for SUV is a good idea, but sometimes heavy traffic can be unsafe especially at highway speeds. So to have a good way to transport your two Tour II trikes, I would suggest you choose an experienced and effective trike transportation service. Last month my neighbor had hired the best deals on auto transport Palm Springs services to transport their heavy trike (motorcycle). So, to get the best assistance you can ask your friends or relatives or you can search at online sites for other transportation services.
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