"Georgia on my Mind"

Today, in about two hours, we leave the cold and snow in Michigan for a week of riding in Georgia, staying in Cedartown.  Cedartown GA, 60 miles northwest of Atlanta, is at the midpoint of the combined Silver Comet Trail connecting to the Chief Ladiga Trail in AL at the AL/GA State Line, for a total of just under 100 miles of a beautiful concrete paved trail. The long range weather is looking decent, 70s today and tomorrow, 60s until Thursday, with 50s finishing out the week.  Possible rain on Tuesday and Thursday.  Of course, long range forecasts are very subject to change.  We can always hope for a change for the better, but, we'll just take the weather one day at a time. :)


  • You may have great weather.  I have a friend who lives in Seneca SC which isn't that far from the trail.  He posted a picture of their dog laying out on their deck on a beautiful, sunny day.  They said it was warm also.

    Have a great trip and enjoy your rides!
  • I'm envious of you PapaSkiesNTrikes. I hope you and the wife have a great time and perfect weather! Merry Christmas to you both!
  • I think all of us Michiganders are green with envy
  • Some of us are Green... AND white... Go MSU
  • Trikebirder, you have planted an idea in my head, that of a MSU pennant for my trike flag pole.  Go GREEN  ;;)

    The only problem with that is, if I do that, I know my wife will want a Michigan pennant for her flag pole.  We are a "mixed" couple, and to make matters worse, she contaminated all three of our kids.  I'm the only MSU fan in my immediate family.  =((

    We spent the night at Drury Inn and Suites in North Dayton.  We have stayed here before and it is a very nice place to lay ones head.  We plan to be on the road again around 8AM, arriving in Cedartown approximately 4PM and 500 miles later. 

    Merry Christmas to all of you.
  • I understand your dilemma, Papa.  I try to support both Florida and Florida State.  My one son supported FSU and wore red.  The other like Florida and wore blue.  He actually attended Florida later.  The other got recruited for football by the Air Force Academy and left FSU in his wake.  He still supports them when they are competing against his brother's team.
  • My wife is a Michigan grad, so is her mom, her grandmother and her great grandmother who has a building on campus named after her.

    I also went to Michigan. My son went to MSU, son in law MSU. Our families avoid college sports discussions.
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    Dad was a prof at UofM. Wife went to MSU. I went to NY. Kids to MSU. I dare not bring maze & blue into this house
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