Chain Question

I just bought a used Rover and the boom needs to be longer. I am going to replace the chain for peace of mind. Has the 8 speed NuVinci. Recommendations on what to buy would be appreciated.


  • You don't need to replace the chain, only add some. TT uses the pretty standard KMC Z72 8 Speed chain. You can get that pretty much anywhere.

    All you'll need is a cheap chain breaker. You break the chain, connect the new length you need, then reconnect. Unless there are serious issues with the current chain, you're spending way too much money if you replace it all.

    As an aside, are you sure you have a NuVinci? Those aren't 8 gear systems, they're "infinitely" variable. Nexus and Sturmey Archer are 8 gear internal hubs. (This doesn't affect the chain, though. They all use "8 speed" chain.)

    - PaulNM
  • I spent $9 for a really good chain breaker at Amazon (

    and $10 on a bunch of the correct chain (includes a couple of master links) at

  • And because I'm truly paranoid, I bought a pack of more master links for the KMC Z72 chains at for another $10
  • Those master links I bought do not require tools. Fit them right, then pull the chain in opposite directions and they seat into their slots just fine
  • I suspect Elrique64 was talking about taking them apart. They're very easy to put together, but opening a master link takes some work.

    If you have good fingers and a good grip, you can squeeze the master link by hand. I usually use the pliers in my swiss army knife. The trick in either case is to grip one half on one end, and the other half on the other end.

    - PaulNM
  • Master links are simple to remove, just use a pair of smooth jaw pliers to gently squeeze diagonally from one end to the other. To reconnect just put the two halves together loosely and pull the chain to click the master link shut. I have to do this whenever I split the tandem in two to go out alone. I break both chain lines, remove a short piece from one, put it in the other and reconnect. Ready to roll. 

  • Sorry about the error in my post. I have the NuVinci hub, not 8 speed...I knew that... just had brain freeze
  • Thanks for all the great advice!
  • Brain freeze or brain fart?
  • Which ever one is worse :D
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