Trike Repair and Maintenance Book

There is a wealth of information on the web, and I am really grateful to everyone who participates here, but sometimes I just want a good book to sit down and study. Online, I have yet to find a better source for nearly all things related to bicycles than Sheldon Brown's website ( If one exists, please post a link to it here. But the real question I have for everyone- is there one book you believe is great for general trike/bike repair & maintenance? 


  • I know what you mean.  I used to always buy the Chilton's auto repair book for my cars.  It just gave good information and had pictures.

    With little room, I prefer to let the lbs do most of my maintenance.
  • A BIG THANK YOU to both of you, @Florida_bound, and @Jamesr

    @Florida_bound thanks for the moral support and the tip on lbs'. I agree with you, and, I'll have my lbs inspect anything I might do on my own. @Jamesr thank you for your recommendation. It gets excellent reviews on Amazon as well. I will pick up a copy. Thanks again.

    I guess the three of us are the only ones who like books in addition to the web, or everyone agrees there is nothing better than the Park Tool's Big Blue Book of Bicycle Repair (3rd edition)!? Go figure.

  • I really should drop the money for a BBB soonish.
    Then it's a matter of buying all the specialty tools I'd need.
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    Yes, I want the book also.  What I really want/need to get is a torque wrench so I don't over tighten and break something (big bucks to fix).  I keep a fold-able hex wrench tool in my seat pouch.  Also in the pouch I carry one of those "three legged" hex wrenches for quick adjustments.

    At home I have a set of t-handled hex wrenches on my work bench (got from Harbor Freight for about $7).
  • I carry the 3 handy tools that TT sells - the 3-wing hex wrenches? 2 of them are hex, one is mm sockets. With one exception, they can handle everything on the Rover.

    The exception is this: If you have fenders, you MUST be able to take the bolt from the front wheels in order to get the fender mount out of the way in case of a flat. That is an 8mm Hex which isn't included in the TT set. I carry a long one with the ball end.

    I also carry about 3 feet of chain, a chain breaker, batteries, and a handful of zip ties. Everything into my rack bag, and off I go!
  • Sometimes a boom stick (to quote Evil Dead), but let's not talk about that here  :-\"
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