And it all started with a Rambler GT

I got the Rambler GT in August 2015 after I retired from teaching.  I suddenly found myself putting on the miles and learning more and more about trikes in general.  In one short year I rode 2,714 miles on the TT (named him Tenacity, as suggested by a friend).  If I couldn't ride at least every other day I tended to get grumpy.  In January 2016 I started my blog:

What a journey it has been meeting new people and seeing more trikes appear while riding the Razorback Greenway here in NW Arkansas.  I slogged up the hills and sped down the hills.  I saw deer, squirrels, black snakes and even clipped a rattlesnake along the way.  I met two couples who had diminutive canines in cages on the racks of their trikes.

After a year I traded up to a Catrike 559, which I rode 37 miles back in November of this year, in El Tour de Tucson.  I named him EB for his electric blue color.  EB accumulated 954 miles (he's up for sale) before I moved up to the new Catrike Dumont.  He's named DP for his deep purple color.  Of course you've guessed my generation.  Deep Purple.... right.

In my transition from trike to trike my story wouldn't be complete unless I talked about Ben Jones and Dogwood Junction in Siloam Springs, Arkansas.  All of my trikes came from there and through my friendship with Ben I have received the best of service.  As I grew in experience so too did Ben's shop grow.  The nice thing is that he stocks all of the Terra Trike and Catrike models all of the time.  He's got a mini track on the showroom floor for people to test ride any model they want to try.  I was even able to assist in the assembly of the new 559.  I think I've test ridden every model of TT and Catrike.  

I travel the twenty-five miles from home at least once a week to hang out in the shop.  It's fun to chat with Ben and Carolyn and to watch as people come in to see what's available.  I get to meet customers and answer questions about trikes and watch as customers wheel their new trikes out the door.  My one regret is that I will have a new beginning as I visit for the last time.  I too will be starting a new adventure... more to come soon.


  • It's been a pleasure reading of your "adventures", Trikester Hal.  I enjoyed all of them, even the ones that weren't TerraTrike.  God bless you in your "new adventure", whatever it is, and I hope you can share it with all of us, here.

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    Rumor has it Hal that you are willing to part with your (2016?) Electric Blue Catrike 559 for $2500 (MSRP is $3150 plus tax), is that right? That would be a savings of roughly $840 off the out-the-door price here in Michigan. And I understand you have new tires on the front of the 559 as well. If this is all true, I'm sure someone is going to gobble up those savings and give "EB" a new home.

    Can you please give us all the details of the 559 you have for sale... Price, shipping/delivery/pick-up, accessories & extras, etc. 
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    Yes, $2,500 and you have to pick it up here in Springdale, Arkansas.  It's posted on Craigslist and all the info is in the listing.

    The Duke, yes I will resume posting here on the TT Forum...
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