looking to buy a Rover and try to fit it into my wife's Cadalic  need the overall measurements -- length, heights and width?  Can anyone furnish that?  thanks.  


  • Forgot to say that the Caddy is an SUV four-door with the measurements of 72 inches from the back of front seats to back, height at the back seats is 30 inches and the back door is 42 inches.  thanks for your help

  • I have a Rambler that I put in the back of my Dodge Pickup. The bed is 72" from front to back and I have a camper shell on it too. The Rambler and Rover are close to the same in size. Mine sits a bit taller because I have the 24" all road wheel package on it.
    By putting it in pedals first and pointing them to the right front corner, I then swing the back wheel to the left rear corner and I have plenty of room. As for height, if needed you can pull the pins on the rear seat stays and tilt the seat back to get it lower.
    After loading, I always set one of the brakes and it stays in place rather nicely.

  • sounds like it might fit.  thanks.  be close.  I have a pickup with a short bed, but the wife would rather drive the caddy.  
  • what is the measurement side to side?  I have 42 inches on the back hatch.  
  • The width is about 33" from one wheel to the other.  My Rover also has the 24" wheels.  It fit in the back of my Ford Escape with the boom between the seats, one pedal behind the driver seat and the other in front of the passenger seat before I upgraded to the 24" wheels.  Now it measures 68" from back wheel to front wheel.  But, the boom extends out another 10".  So, subtract 4" for the larger wheels and add 10" for the boom and your total will be 74".  However, she may not need the boom at as far out as me. 

    As long as she doesn't mind the boom between the seats, it should fit.

  • I put a Zoomer with 26 rear wheel in a Subaru Forester along with my wife's Trek. You should be fine
  • My Rover easily fits in my Toyota Prius with the back seat laid flat. I put the two front wheels in the gap between the rear and front seats. If your SUV had a rear seat that will lay flat (or close to it), you should be fine.
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