I'd like to make that swap with you!  I will be traveling up to the panhandle probably around 14 or 15 Feb to look at homes.  I can meet you at Gator Cycles about noon to make the swap.  Fortunately, Gainesville is half way and a good place to eat lunch!

Are you going to give me the Patterson crank with the 165 mm crank arms or the one with the 170 mm arms?  I would prefer the shorter ones but will take either.  I figured the difference in the circumference is only about 1 1/4" inches from my 155 mm arms.  I have been moving my seat up almost every time I ride.  The knees are having no problem bending further and further.  Best decision I ever made.

BTW, I made it 8.67 miles today and could have gone further.  I also noticed I was going 8 mph in 6th gear.  Since adjusting the gears, there isn't much difference between 6th and 7th.  I used both of them more than 8th.  I believe the legs are getting stronger and my cadence is getting faster.  It will only get better with time.  I'm going to get the carrier on the car and start hitting some long paths.


  • Unfortunately, I bought the Rover for the price and weight limit.  I don't think they'd let me try the other ones.  There was someone on here who wanted one of our Patterson cranks.  Talk to them first.  I will take which ever one is left.
  • @jamesr the modified post came in the mail to me last week. 66 deg angle, better bolt location. Still needs a groove cut in the front to allow your hex wrench vertical access to the front nut.
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    It needs that access groove drilled into the front of the vertical post, but the angles are correct for both road and mtb derailleurs; he moved the cable stay to the base plate so it'll work for most any deralleur;

    Me, I have a drill press and can easily make a 66 deg wood jig to hold it firm for the drilling. So yes, it's a keeper. If you need me to drill the groove for you, just ask.
  • No, I'm not giving mine up. Order one from sales@poweroncycling.com and I'll drill it for you if he doesn't.
  • Hey Jamesr, need a job?  I just went onto Gator Cycles' website and it says they are hiring.  You probably know more about their trikes than they do!

    I'm going to call them and see if I drop my trike off, they will install the Patterson crank, add longer brake and shift cables, and do an overall check up.  The only thing is it would be there for about 4 days while I drive north to house shop.  Do you think they have room to store it?  I'd love to be able to show you my modified handlebars.
  • Good!  I'll give them a call.
  • I told Mark about the need for drilling, and he insists that Park Tools sells a ball-headed allen wrench long enough to reach. Could not find any longer than the standard 6 3/4" on their site.  Ugh.
  • Folks can get ball end allen wrenches from Home Depot or Lowes or even hardware stores. Yes you can get the very long ones too.
  • Yeah - find a 4mm with a shaft 10" - 12" long to reach down into that tube.

    All I'm seeing with that kind of length is the "Deep Reach" models around $30
  • Spring break will be there soon!
  •   Should I contact Power about the post I got? Not tried using/mounting it yet, short on cash flow to get creative. Has he improved upon the post?

    ¬ ITL
  • He has. The one you have cannot be mounted so that the post is properly in line with the BB due to the reduced front groove. His replacement had the groove completely through; angle is increased to 66; cable stop is moved to to bottom mount bar to prevent horizontal cable wires like I showed him on mine.

    You'll need a 10 or 11" long allen wrench. Because you tighten the front bolt from inside the post shaft.
  • Hope you don't mind I was reading along and had a few thoughts. You can get a set of inexpensive allen heads where the flip side is for a 1/4" drill driver. they will  chuck into an extender  that can be purchased for 3-10 dollars  the 5-6 inch ones are cheep  ($2.00) and you can use them plugged into each other to give you a deep reach allen socket drive. use that setup with a drill or 1/4" ratchet with a 1/4" socket.   or you can buy a 12" single piece extender fitted with 1/4" on each end. could do it on the cheap for perhaps under $10.00 for everything at a big box store. perhaps you have a handy neighbor who has all this stuff?  Most handy guys do, I use mine all the time.
  • I started working in my fathers bike shop  in Wisconsin when i was 9 y/o and was managing my own store at the age of 18 in Cali.  I've had tools in my hands all my life.
  • I saw those allen headed sockets at home depot and thought long and hard about them. A set of them in metric, one 12" bar, and one short handled ratchet makes a compact tool kit for the road.

    I just was afraid of my wife seeing me come home with more tools :-)
  • just didn't want to see anybody spend $30.00 on an Allen wrench set used for one thing.
  • Oh, I'm in full agreement there!
  • Jamesr, I have reservations and will leave here at 6 am Wednesday.  Email me at tmm850@gmail.com and I'll give you my cell phone so I can text you if something happens to delay my trip.
  • I took my trike to the shop with the Patterson gear.  The guy in the shop did not know what it was.  And, they are a Terra Trike dealer!  You can't tell me that people don't add those to bikes down here.  

    I may have to stop at Gator Cycles during my move north.
  • Thanks!  I'll refer him to that site.
  • I got the trike back and they said they took an "extra long ride" to make sure it shifted correctly.  My back is hurting today so I will try to ride tomorrow and let you know how it feels.  It's already on the carrier.  I may go down to the park where I can take a nice long ride with few reasons to slow.  First I need to read online how the Patterson crank works.  I've forgotten!

    I'll let you know how it feels.  
  • Well, their rider must NOT have known how a Patterson crank should work.  I took a ride this morning and only had 1 front gear.  If my back were not hurting so bad yesterday, I would have tested it there.  When I shifted to 2nd or 3rd gear on the shifter, the front crank was free-wheeling. Why are there 3 gears on the shifter?  The only real difference were the 170 mm crank arms.  My knees worked well with them.  Yeah!

    I also had the shop put longer brake and a rear gear cable on the trike.  The brakes work but the rear gears do not.  They failed to readjust them.  At least I already know how to fix that problem.

    I have to go out of town tomorrow.  I don't know if it's worth putting the rack back on the car and the trike on the rack to take the trike back to the shop to get it corrected.  I really don't have time right now to try to do it myself and won't be near a trike shop after I move.  Grrr!
  • I'm not sure I'd trust that shop anymore, too many red flags. Probably better for you to learn how to setup and fix the thing yourself, especially if there won't be any shops near where you're going. Painful in the short term, but much better in the long term.

  • I figured you had to use any shifter available but didn't know why it didn't work in more than one.

    Mine is clicking all the time.  Does that mean it is always in the higher gear?  That explains why there was no resistence when I switched to the higher gears for the Patterson crank  I will have to adjust the cable to get it to go into the lower gear, correct?
  • What size is the external crank?  I tried to ride this morning and it felt like the chain kept falling off the rear gears.  The chain is so loose because they didn't account for the smaller crank gear.  

    I'm so mad at the bike shop, I could scream.  They told me they test rode it.  That is pure BS.  No one who knows anything about bicycles would say this was set up correctly.  But, the fat old lady told them she was leaving town soon so don't worry about getting it right!

    I have to calm down before I take it back to get it fixed.  Sorry, had to vent!
  • Sounds like you need a few links removed from that chain
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    Original on the Rover is 32, so the 28 is smaller. Offhand I'd say maybe 4 chain pieces need removed. 

    @jamesr, is 4 too much you think?
  • I'm thinking I should have them put the 38t gear back on.  I just feel like I have less range instead of more.  I'm a little calmer now.  Maybe it's time to call them!
  •   If you want another clueless TerraTrike shop, go to the one in La Grande, OR. All they know is attaching flags and racks, or the price on the Rovers. They knew less than what I did and I'm not even a dealer.

      In hind sight, I should of ordered from TerraTrike directly. Still having issues with 2nd and 5th gears.

    ¬ ITL
  • There are mechanics and there are parts changers. A good mechanic can work on bikes and trikes. If he cannot figure out a trike I don't want him near my wife's bike.
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