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I am currently using a 2000 Chevy S10 pickup to transport my rover to various triking spots.  But I want to replace it with a vehicle larger enough to fit my rover. I am leaning toward a SUV.

What vehicle do you use to transport your trike?  Are you satisfied with it?  If not, what would you recommend?


  • My rover used to sit in my garage, where it was close to my shop, so fixing things and maintenance was no problem.  Over this last winter I sold my pickup, sold my house (to my kids who're having a baby) and moved into an apartment with a carport, but no garage or safe storage.  The rover stayed behind, hanging on the garage wall, until I could figure out what to do with it.  I didn't want to sell it.  It's the only exercise I get.  But: where to keep it and not have it stolen?
    So I replaced the pickup with an old Chrysler van.  My son-in-law (who designed the baby) let me remove and store the second and third row seats.  The rover now fits just fine, in fact two of them would probably fit in there.  I can (I think) park in the far reaches of a Walmart lot (or similar) and do most of my maintenance. The apartment parking has a visitor parking area (visible from my window) and the van mostly lives there.  Fortunately the van came with blacked out windows, so nobody knows there's a rover in it.

    I haven't had a chance to actually try this (the maintenance part) yet, as the parking area has been mostly covered with snow.  But spring is coming (I think) and soon I'll see how all these arrangements actually work, in real life.  

    Anybody had a similar problem or situation.  How did you solve it?  

    The Duke    
  • I have a 2010 Ford Escape.  Prior to upgrading to 24" wheels, my Rover fit in the back with the seats down and the front gear between the seats and one crank in front on the passenger side.  Since I'm usually alone, it wasn't a problem. 

    Now I have to use an Alpaca Carrier to transport the trike.  It's really hard to lift it up on the carrier.  My next vehicle will probably be a larger SUV so I can again put the trike in the back again.  
  • I was wondering if the alpaca is easy or hard to load the trikes on to can't figure out which kind we want

  • Handling the Alpaca is easier than other carriers I tried.  Loading the trike is harder.  You have to lift the front wheels and and load the trike on the bars that stick out from the carrier.  Mine are over my head and I'm 5'10" tall.  The problem is the trike is hard to handle on only one wheel.  So, I basically crawl under the trike to stabilize it.  Then I lift it and aim the bars to go through those braces at the front axle.  It a lot easier when two people are lifting.

    One solution may be to build a ramp to raise the trike up as I approach the carrier.  I'll try that after I complete this move.

    Also, my trike has the boom out all the way.  Because of this, I can't pull the car into a garage or carport with the trike on the carrier.  The carrier can be set at a lower position but I have not yet measured if the rear tire will be off the ground.  I haven't had the time to experiment after my surgeries.
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    Subaru Forester is what we use to haul a trike and bike together
  • Suzuki Esteem, fits up top between the cargo rack, snugly. Only think I'm out-growing the driver's seating area...

     ¬ Trekkin' in Payette, ID
  • Reverse that trend! ;-)
  • A Honda Element is very practical.
  • Great advices!
  • Not sure how I am going to carry my rover.. I have a Pontiac Grand Prix. Thinking of a trunk Mount, with the rear tire resting on the back window, (tied down of course). Gotta be a better way of hauling these things without having to get a different vehicle just to move one around. 

  • people have been speaking highly of these
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    macwildstar   That's the same way I move my Rover around on my 2009 Cobalt. I was lucky in that the bike rack I have included alternate straps for hatchbacks. They end in foam covered plastic dumbbells that fit in my rear doors. Stick them in the door, close it, then tie the strap part around my rear wheel/fork.

    - PaulNM
  • rirover, thats great if you have a trailor hitch on your car, which I do not. Nor do I really want to have to ad one just to haul a trike. my car is over 10 years old..probbaly too rusty to add one now..

  • I've seen advertised three pads that go under the tires and the whole trike goes on the roof, tied down like a canoe or something. Providing you are able to get the trike on the roof. Not sure I could.
  • Terra Trike sells them.
  • I knew I saw them somewhere! Great idea if you can get it up there.
  • If u have a 2" receiver under your
    bumper, why wouldn't a hitch mounted
    platform work? Seen electric scooters
    on them the elderly use at stores. Harbor Freight sells them. Couldn't
    store it on there though.
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