Stacking Trike on Trike to Fit in Mini-Van

I'm trying to find a way to fit two Trikes into a mini-van. I don't want to buy the folding Traveler because of Stories of the frame breaking.
So, I was thinking that you could remove the seats off both Trikes, then stack one Trike on top of the other and secure the wheels and frame together with straps. I really don't want the Traveler, but need to a way to fit two into a Honda Odysee mini-van.
Has anyone tried this? Any Suggestions out there?


  • Without the seats on the two might nest together side by side facing in opposite directions. Put the rear wheel of one between a front wheel and the boom of the other.

    If you were to stack them, I would be inclined to think you might want some sort of layer between them to keep the top one stable. Like a piece of plywood in the shape of a triangle spanning all three wheels. Like a shelf for the top one supported by the bottom one.

  • Can you handle lifting the weight of two stacked trikes ?
  • Even with the seats on, you may be able to put one in front tires first and the other back tire first.  Because the crank and boom will most probably hit the back of the front seat, you may have to collapse it.  

    Set the two trikes together in this fashion on the driveway then take measurements and be certain they will fit in the car.  Otherwise, the Alpaca Carrier will handle two trikes.
  • I have the dodge grand caravan, with seats out it handles both rovers with ease side by side. First trike goes in front wheels first, second trike goes in backwards with room to spare.
  • Thanks for the great ideas.
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