hi guys

been a long while since i been in here, im a former rover 8 owner/rider, my wife wanted a trike she chose a kmx f8 then after it was bought and paid for she decided she rather have my rover!!!, now after many mods and upgrades to make the kmx fit me, im a kmx rider now lol, just thought id drop in and say hi, 


  • Traitor!   =))
  • Welcome back!  Where are you located?  
  • im in southeast new mexico, if i can find a rover closse by and for the right price i'd like to build a fat tire trail rover

  • if serious about heading for the bush, take a gulf coast tour to gainesville and return home with desired rover for $1,000.

    24x2.0 big apple front, 20x2.0 maxxis maxxdaddy rear, wide seat, wide handlebars, mtb 152 mm crankset, nexus-8 hub low end at 11 gear-inches, could go to 9 g.i. if you wanted to replace the 22-toother with an $8 24-tooth rear sprocket.
  • which gainesville ? texas, fllorida, georgia?

  • the florida kind of gainesville
  • little to far for me

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