Grease on leg, Chain tube too short?

Do people have problem with chain grease on the leg? The Rambler photo on the Terratrike website shows the chain exposed behind the chain ring. My tube was up to the chain ring. Recently I discovered the chain cutting the derailleur cable and frame, so I moved the chain tube back to protect the cable and frame. Now the front of the chain is exposed up front and I am getting a big patch of chain grease on my leg, or pants if wearing long pants. 

I have a rambler 27 speed with the long size boom. The tube is about 40 inches long. It needs to be at least 4 inches longer to protect both my leg and the frame from the chain. 


  • No chain tubes on my trike and no lube splatter. You're probably using the wrong and/or way to much lube.
  •   So the use of the dry lube is to possibly prevent this?

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  • Thanks for the post referencing longer chain tube available on TerraCycle ( Extra long tube available in 4 inch increments, and they custom cut to my length. Also got the ends flared. Ran the tub to within 2 inches of the chainring. Works OK so far after about 200 miles.
  • Sounds like you found a solution. FYI, I have a Tour II with longest-length boom option (no chain tube). It's a long run from the chain rings to the front idler under the seat. When there is much bouncing around, the chain does it's own bouncing, so frequent tattoos from that in addition to the usual ways. I could never keep it clean, despite using Rock&Roll Gold frequently and rubbing it down.

    I just switched over to using parafin instead of oil, very happy with the results so far. Lots of videos on the web about this. I also sprung for the fancy moltenspeedwax which has teflon and molybdenum added, but plain parafin should do just as well. Car and house interiors are thankful also.
  • I am afraid to run my chain tube too close to either derailleur. I have started using Boesheild T9 (paraffin based) lube. It collects far less road gunk, but I don't think that anything (other than consistent cleaning) will keep your chain/pants completely clean.
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