Grease on leg, Chain tube too short?

Do people have problem with chain grease on the leg? The Rambler photo on the Terratrike website shows the chain exposed behind the chain ring. My tube was up to the chain ring. Recently I discovered the chain cutting the derailleur cable and frame, so I moved the chain tube back to protect the cable and frame. Now the front of the chain is exposed up front and I am getting a big patch of chain grease on my leg, or pants if wearing long pants. 

I have a rambler 27 speed with the long size boom. The tube is about 40 inches long. It needs to be at least 4 inches longer to protect both my leg and the frame from the chain. 


  • No chain tubes on my trike and no lube splatter. You're probably using the wrong and/or way to much lube.
  • its good you caught the chainline problem. some possibilities in that department

    happy here with tcycle custom lengths and chaintube quality. if you use wet lube and long tubes raise one end of the trike after application, let any excess drain from the tubes overnight.
  •   So the use of the dry lube is to possibly prevent this?

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  • Dry lube has a couple of other benefits, too. One is that it's less of a dust/dirt magnet. One other is it can fill in the gaps that dust and dirt can find in the chain to live in.

    Some people use paraffin or other types of wax, and some go so far as to use other exotic mixes of waxes, greases and oils. 

    Chain lubes are unique to the riders, and as such there are about as many opinions on the subject as there are riders who  do this maintenance.  Find one that works for you, follow that process and see if it works for you, by measuring the chain every 500 or so miles.  Depending on, you should be able to get 2000+ miles out of a chain if you take proper care of it.
    But what do I know...  I'm the guy what wears blue jeans and a tee-shirt with slippers and a ball cap (with an ever present VFW pin in the bill) to ride 20-30 miles...  :)
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