NuVinci only remaining internal hub

So I was taking a look at the Rover page earlier and noticed the i8 is no longer there anymore. Not "out of stock" or "discontinued", but completely gone. It is in the online shop, but listed as discontinued.

It appears that NuVinci hubs are the only internal rear hubs offered on any of TT's trikes now.  Found that interesting at first, but after some thought it makes complete sense. The Rover was the only model with non-NuVinci hubs for some time now, the Rambler and Traveler lost them ages ago.  The i8 had a couple of significantly different hubs that could be used, and the online store didn't let you pick which one you wanted. That's the kind of situation that leads to confused and unhappy customers.

Funny thing is that would have been mitigated a bit with SRAM's recent departure from the internal hub business. That leaves just the Sturmey-Archer. I wonder if costs for the SA were/are going up, bringing it closer to the NuVinci costs? I could see that happening if SA is having the same issue with declining sales as SRAM had. According to the site, the n330 and SA8 setups have similar ranges. I know there have been concerns from people regarding the NuVinci's efficiency, but I don't think I've seen that it's really that much worse than the SA. Given that and how much more robust the NuVinci hub tends to be, I can see why it would be simpler to just drop it.

Curious what other folk's thoughts are.

- PaulNM 


  • Only having the NuVinci as an internal option will raise the price of the Rover considerably, right?  Why would they price themselves out of the market?  I bought a Rover because it was the cheapest trike I could find.
  • The x8 is only about a grand, which is the same as what my 2012 Rover 8 with an SA hub was. As I recall, prices actually went up a bit when they switched away from the SA a year or two later.

    The only time TT had stuff for less than the current Rover x8's price was the short time they had Rovers with less than 8 speeds. (Mostly the single and 3 speed, but they did have a 2 speed for about a year.)

    - PaulNM
  • one could choose to pedal a 78 pound trike [i have] instead of one at 35 pounds from point a to point b. similar result using a nuvinci transmission rather riding than riding a rover with an external-8

    efficiency matters if one is other than a pedal plodder. it can be carried to extremes [no tour de france type would ever be caught with caps on the inner tube valve stems because of weight penalty], but the humble derailleuer is the choice of those folks for least calories in vs derived energy output.

    "In contrast to planetary gearboxes, the NuVinci N360 has a certain slippage between input and output. This is not perceptible to cyclists. On the test stand, however, it is found that when the drive power increases from 50 to 250 watts with unchanged crankshaft speed, the vehicle speed drops by approx. 10% . This slippage is of course associated with losses."


    interesting stuff searching the archives on this site. google translate is quite helpful in the doing.
  • There is another internal gear hub to consider, but it is pricey.

    Rohloff Speedhub a 14 speed multiple planetary gear wonder that comes in various configuration, that will set you back $1200-1400 and beyond, depending on configuration..
    About the picture.....

    I got here on my 12th Hand Assembled Frame of December 1967 Schwinn Paramount, because TeraTrikes were not then allowed in the week long charity cycling event in the Colorado Rockies..  

    They are now, and this is where I'll be in June 2017
  • So SA is out of the IGH business? What about Nexus?
  • No, the SA is still around. It's SRAM who left the internal hub business. As far as I know, everyone else is still alive and kicking. When I started this thread, I was only talking about hubs TT provides on stock models.

    Much like having a Patterson up front, just because TT doesn't provide it doesn't mean you can't add it yourself.

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