Extension Cable

I know that some of you have already installed a BSHD on a Rover and needed some extension cable's.

I need to know what extension cable's you needed when you installed your system.
Thank you very much


  • Speedometer cable.made it out 5e network cable. Soldered into existing. Works fine otherwise at least 2 ft ext from Luna. Wiring harness ext pkg from Luna. About 28 inch power cable ext depending where you mount battery . Fabricated using 10 gauge automotive wiring w crimp on connectors. Rake switch ext if you want on all controls. FabrI ate from network cable. Gear sensor cable...would not install.
  • Thank you so much squirrelpie0
  • better/clearer description of installation BBS02 (same for BBSHD) on my blog bentonabudget.blogspot.com
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