Looking for Biking Events Near New Home

I have several links that show local biking events.  They also show them in other parts of Florida so I went looking for upcoming events in the panhandle.  Here's one:
Check out the cost.  Are you kidding me?  Guess I'll just ride alone from Navarre Beach to Pensacola Beach and back.  Check them out on the map.  Such a beautiful area on the barrier islands in the most western part of Florida!


  • Found a good one!  http://www.gearsandbeersridemobile.com/.

    The 10 mile ride has a stop at Dunkin Doughnuts.  Now that's a bike ride!
  • Florida-Bound 

    Sounds like you are look for places / excuses to ride more.

    Are you familiar with Google Maps that can be set for bicycling, that do work on smart phones and cellular equipped pads, like the iPad, and the Garmin GPS line for bikes?

    Old cellular with a cellular data plan, equipped iPads make great "dashboards" for Trikes.

    Between the two of those platforms, you can usually plan a route that will get you to places, even if there is not an "official" bike trail.  And the route will usually keep you off of main streets.  

    About the picture.....<div><br></div><div>I got here on my 12th Hand Assembled Frame of December 1967 Schwinn Paramount, because TeraTrikes were not then allowed in the week long charity cycling event in the Colorado Rockies..  <div><br></div><div>T<span style="font-size: 10pt;">hey are now, and this is where I'll be in June 2017</span></div></div>
  • I just found that a few days ago, right after the Pacman character showed up.  Still trying to get rid of it!  I plan to use it in my new location.
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    Florida_bound,  speaking of a new home I'd like to announce that I have just spent the first full week in my new home... Tucson, Arizona.  \:D/

    I'll be doing my first ride this afternoon.  It's Spring Cyclovia Tucson.  It's an interesting concept that I'd never heard of before.  (www.cycloviatucson.org)  DP, that's the name of my Dumont because he's "deep purple", has been folded up in the back of my Forester since I got here.

    I'm in a 55+ mobile home community and I have a 8x8 shed which, although it has a wide door, is turned wrong.  Friday a crew will rotate it 90 degrees so it faces the carport.  Next I need to insulate it so DP doesn't roast in the summer heat.  Then I can get back to my regular rides.

    Even though it's only 2.25 miles long Cyclovia will go through some of the more historical and colorful parts of the city and along the way will be food, drink and lots of activities.  The streets will be closed to traffic and only pedestrians, cyclists, roller blades/skates are allowed.  I'll take photos and do a blog post.  It's going to be sunny in the high 70s with gentle breezes.  It should be fun.

    Why did I end up in Tucson from Arkansas?  I found myself single again with nothing to hold me in Arkansas.  So,  I decided to move home to where I grew up.  I love the Sonoran Desert with the Saguaro cacti and the view of the Santa Catalina Mountains from my porch.  I've even moved into the neighborhood where I grew up.  I'm still unpacking and it's been a busy, busy week but I'm happy to be here.  There are more than 120 miles of trails around Tucson and Pima County.  There are organized rides and I look forward to riding again in El Tour de Tucson this November.

    So I'm back and will be contributing to this forum and my blog...  I'm b-a-c-k  :D
  • Sorry to hear about your change in marital status.  Been there, done that!

    I will be in Tucson mid-May.  My son will be in military training and his wife booked a vacation overseas.  I will be babysitting the four grand dogs.  Unfortunately, I won't have my trike.  But, if you want to meet up for a meal, let me know.  It's great to finally meet the people you talk to often.
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    Florida_bound,  I'd love to break bread with you in May!  :-bd

    Cyclovia was chaos!  I'd compare it to driving rush hour in a major city with half of the drivers totally drunk.  Kids were careening all over the place at random.  People were just stopping in the middle of the street to yak.  At activity points things just came to a halt. Trying to ride through that on a trike was bizarre.  I've now had the experience and once is enough.  

    There's another on in October and I think I'll park on a side street and walk.  I'd like to take photos of some of the old buildings and how they've been restored.  I'd also like to get photos of some of the "interesting" riders and vehicles that I saw.  Imagine a bike covered with pink feathers, two large cylindrical speakers strapped to the luggage rack blaring old recordings done by Perez Prado (Patricia from the 50s).  You name it.  I saw it, but all I had was my cell phone and not my GoPro...  I couldn't shoot anything because it was unsafe to take my hands off of the grips.  I did stop in the shade and shoot two buildings.  I'll do a short write-up for my blog.
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