Finally got out on the RIvergreenway this weekend

Finally got some good weather on the weekend and was able to ride on the Rivergreenway. This is a clip from my ride going through Headwaters Park in downtown.


  • Help us out.  What city and state?  Looks much colder than the 80 degrees we saw yesterday.

    How are those curbs?  I bet they could be treacherous if you hit one accidentally.
  • Fort Wayne, IN. It was 62 degrees on this rise. This is the walkways in the park. The Rivergreenway does not have curbs. I will post another clip from the trail. We have a really good trail system in the city and they keep adding to it.
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    Here is another clip from the St. Joe Trail of the Rivergreenway.

  • That's a great trail!  I love the log cabins you pass early.  And, I assume the graffiti on the wall is not gang related?

    How do you do on the wooden bridges?  I've been over a few and find them hard to ride over.  I have to go down several gears to get the power to go over them.  I guess it's because they are always shaped in the form of a hill and there are really few hills around here.

    Thanks for the video!
  • The graffiti on the walls was done by local artist that the city gave a section of the wall to paint.  you can see them once in a while out there touching up the work.  The wooden bridges on the trail are flat, so the transition between the trail and the bridge is smooth.  Now on the Towpath trail which follows the old Erie Canal mule towpath. the couple of bridges you cross do have the hump to them so being geared right helps out a lot.  The log cabins is actually the Old Fort for the city.  The city has over 90 miles of trails and over 60 of it is interconnected.  The Puffer Belly trail here in town is part of the State Visionary Trail that will ultimately be 80-miles long, running
    from Pokagon State Park in Angola to Ouabache (Wabash) State Park in Bluffton.
  • We need to get more trails built in Florida.  They had planned for years to build one along Alligator Alley from Miami to Naples FL but the county I live in recently nixed the idea.  If it doesn't support tourism and  the snowbirds, they don't want it!

    There is a similar wall in Gainesville FL near the University of Florida.  They let students paint on the wall.  Each year they just paint over what was there the year before.  I love large outdoor paintings.  In St Louis, they let artists paint murals on the exposed side of brick buildings.  Some of these artists are amazing!
  • Was supposed to see a bicycle map for the Boise area. Wished our area had something like this, and an event board. I know the two hospitals sponsor and support a few differ groups and body events. It's finding them cause am too busy to visit the LBS.

    ¬ ITL
  • May 20th we are having the Fort for Fitness spring cycle the have rides from 10 miles up to 62 miles,  I am doing the 16 mile ride.  There is also the Le Tour de Fort which is a bike ride/ pub crawl around the around the downtown area.  Majority of the entry fees goes to groups for Military Verterns, this year it goes to local Disabled American Veterans chapter.  Every week there is a Trek the trail rides that does rides on the trials and through some of the neighborhoods here in town.  Then there is the Fort Wayne Velo club that host rides all the time.
  • Quick Clip of riding the Towpath trail that goes through Eagle Marsh.

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