Lower delivery charges for preordered Rovers?

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For those of us waiting for our Rovers, will we be charged the new $149 for home delivery instead of the $179 in place when we ordered? Do we have any updates on the delivery dates of the first batch of Rover 8s?


  • Yes, the new $149 shipping price WILL cover the Rovers when they arrive.
    They are still on schedule to be here in the next weeks.
    The only reason for the delay was that there was an issue with the paint initially not meeting our standards - they've since got it right and the first container is almost here - and sold out BTW!
    Next shipment is due mid July.
    Jeff "Chonk" Yonker
    Marketing Dude @TerraTrike

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  • Jeff,
    Are you at a point that you can give us a week "in June" that you see the Rover(s) arriving at TerraTrike?
    Tombent - My Rover
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