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What accessories or special methods do you use for carrying a water bottle? We just purchased two rovers and are new to trikes. Excited to be part of the commhnity.


  • I bought the versa bars and the have water bottle mount points on them
  • Or buy the "hangs on the back of your seat" terratrike bag and buy a 2 liter hiking hydration bag to put in it
  • I use a 3 liter Hydapak that I strap down with bungees on the top of my rack. Tube is plenty long enough to reach.

    - PaulNM
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      Water bottles on Vera Bars, have an extra case on the boom.
      Have a Lobo from Camelbak (www.camelbak.com). Heard some put a bladder in the TerraTrike seat bag.

      One fellow even made a tri-water bottle carrier for his luggage rack, but that means getting off the trike two swap out bottles.

      Trek cages and water bottles. Had to remove the spaces from the Versa Bars, though got longer screws in hopes to put the spacers back on. Use Locktite on the water bottle screws as they get a lot of vibration.

      More stock Rover view:

      Versa Bars give lots of extra mounting room besides the extra lift to get out of the seat if needed. More like bull bumpers for the handlebars.

    ¬ ITL
  •   Here's a side view of the Versa Bars found online:

    ¬ ITL
  • I bought the item that Terra Trike sells that lifts the angle of the bottle up.  I also have a 24 oz Hydro Flask.  It is long enough that I can reach the handle while riding.  I don't have to stop peddling to get a drink.
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