Trike Exposed to Rain

I traveled up to the Florida panhandle with the Rover on the Alpaca carrier.  During that trip I drove through about 30 minutes of torrential downpour.  This is the most rain it has ever been exposed to.  I have not shipped my furniture yet and left the chain oil down south.  Will the chain be okay or should I go to a local bike shop to get another bottle of chain oil.  I don't want anything to rust on the trike.  Help!


  •   Could toss in a few moisture absorbing silicon packets inside the tubes to maybe keep rust from forming inside.

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  • Too bad you can't put it on the Alpaca carrier rear tire up.   That way water would not get into anything.  I'm in my new house and trying to put up blinds for security.  Next I'll work on the trike.

    Thanks for your suggestion!
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    WD40 works really well has long as you keep your chain really clean as in clean it every two weeks or so. My favorite chain lube is T9 which can be found all over. I would not worry at all over one 30 minute rain even torrential. If you are concerned enough to do something you can use JP Weigles Framesaver. I had used it on my old "84" trek touring bike and when I swapped the bottom bracket last summer the inside was clean and rust free. That bike saw many extended tours and many weeks in heavy rain in 32 years of service.. 
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