The Finer Recliner neck rest now available with Terratrike adapter

I will be receiving the first Curve model 2 neck rest with a new adaptor especially for the Terratrike. Here is the announcement and photo, if I can figure out how to use it.

CURVE kits for TerraTrikes. The TerraTrike seat frame design is unique, with two small
diameter horizontal seat brace tubes that have made mounting a base for a CURVE neck rest kit

Creating a unique mounting adapter hasn't been feasible until now because most
TerraTrike owners ride with their seats fairly upright and don't use neck rests. Recently,
however, we've received a number of requests from TerraTrike owners for CURVE kits.

While collaborating with Pat Franz of TerraCycle on an adapter for a new Kettweisel
we came across a simple mounting solution for TerraTrikes that doesn't involve creating
unique hardware.

With the new adapter kit attached, a Model 2 CURVE kit with "T" tower will fit your
TerraTrike perfectly. Contact us if you'd like more information or to order.


  •   Not sure why people find it hard to post photos. /scratches head

      Sad part is one has to purchase their headrest & TT's.

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  •   I had a different idea of making seat post extensions using rods in the seats, then allow a vertical adjustment sliding up and down using a dogbone cushion. However there's the funds and resources issue. Then found out an older model of GS had quite a similar design. Relayed this to Mark Powers, whom I've not heard from since his mother's passing, as he was asking what the idea I has was.

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  • That seems like a lot of hardware but it all looks good so for those needing a headrest it should work well.
  • But to IdajoTrailLizard's point, you have to buy the TT headrest (at $145) and then also the Curve 2 . . .  It's a lot to shell out.
  • Ouch, I missed that and it puts the price at crazy money
  • I agree that this FinerRecliner looks pretty nice, but, what has anyone's experience been with Terra Trike's own brand of head rest?  
  • Who has a head rest?  Do you really need one?
  • I realize there are riders that need one but I also feel many get them thinking they could be comfortable. If your ride is firm you're probably going to bounce on/off of it.

    I had a massive cervical spine surgery in 2014 and need nothing.
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    I have one. TT's has no cushioning. You're basically resting your head/neck on a curve of metal.

    My wife made a new cover for it with 2" of soft foam cushion. Much better.
  • On our Terra Trike Sportsters, my wife and I have the seats reclined to the fullest extent possible.  I am fine without a head/neck rest, but sometimes, particularly if we are doing an all day ride, my wife's neck gets tired and she has expressed a desire for some kind of support. 
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      I lowered the light bar one day to take in a rest, looking up at the sky, scooted up the front of the seat more and flexing the feet. Would of liked to had a dogbone cushion that day. May have to buy me a cushion are try it with the road marker poles & PVC lightbar, be a heck of a lot cheaper too.

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  • Well... the padded lightbar as a headrest isn't working out unless I go to reclining mode where I scoot up off the warm seat (not mesh) and lean my neck all the way back. Definitely not comfortable going down the road in that position.

    Today, was headed to church with a ukulele strapped in on the fiberglass poles.
    Da Brim was resting against the uke. Although there wasn't much pressure there, the brim did sort of support my head somewhat, and ... I liked it. :)

    So now am seriously considering more of a neckrest more than a headrest, as I am leaning back to the second notch. Seems more comfortable for the organic engine.

    On the ride to church was finding that I indeed was pulling on the handlebars to help lean me back more vertical on those ramped sidewalk areas. And think the neck was starting to get sore on the ride in as I was pressing to get there (running late). The ride back wasn't so bad, but the inclines have berms and there's that straining to sit more vertical. Remember, I rode a motorcycle for 2 decades - and yes, I still lean on curves in my car. ;)

    Want to keep cost down and can improvise on the cushion if need be, but would rather have a neckrest that is friendly with a luggage pack in this 2nd notch recliner position.

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  • @Jrobiso2, I would love to see a series of photos showing your wife's neckrest re-do.
  • The Finer Recliner looks better up top, but the mounting hardware looks cheesy. They don't really say if stuff is in stock or how long it takes to get it, and the guy sends out an invoice so the charge could be upwards of $200.

    Debating to get the TT one and change the padding, or go to a medical repurpose store and see if can find something that works. Least with TT's version is should be aluminum with steel hardware?

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  • Guessing the neck rest would require adjustment each time the seat back position is changed.
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    It's more about the double-sided clamps being used. Seems like if you hit a bump or your head jars some from normal use those clamps are going to slide back as the load is heavier than what the clamps are designed for.


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  • that thing can move up, down, twist, rotate on two different axis. Lots of adjustments available and lots of chances for movement. Big guys like you pushing back may cause movement.
    The neck rest is a great idea but a simpler mouse trap is needed but then trying to adapt hardware to multiple platforms requires all those adjustments.
  • The photo reminds me of an adapter needing an adapter. :|

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  • @TrikeBirder just 2" foam put between the metal and the thing TT laughably calls a cushion. TT cushion has one of those cinch cord lines, but not enough material to cover a 2" thickness addition, so we just used a bandana to hold the TT cushion and foam against the curved metal plate of the TT assembly. Nothing fancy.
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    Caveman cushion? LOL
    Decided to get TT's version as looks to be the better alternative, mounting wise. So TT's cushion hasn't gotten any better then. :(

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  • A while back I found a Yoga mat on sale at Sears and bought it, cut it down to size, and have made two full TT seat pads, used a piece to add to the TT neckrest, and still have a little leftover. It improves the TT neckrest, but still leaves a lot to be desired. It's
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