Finer Recliner neck rest

Finally received my Finer Recliner neck.

photo IMG_2174_zpsxpjtj8dn.jpg

photo IMG_2173_zpscxifrrs8.jpg

photo IMG_2172_zpsvmneirnp.jpg


  • How are you liking it?

    ¬ ITL
  • VERY nice!! Thanx for posting! Which exact model did you order, please? I didn't see a specific model for the Terra Trike, much less the TT All Terrain. If I may ask what did it sell for?
  • IdahoTrailLizard I'm liking it a lot, it took a couple of rides to get it where I liked it and felt good.
    Ironman1518 if you email Steve at Finer Recliner he did have it listed on the web site with the mounting brackets from terra cycle as whole kit. Curve model 2 it's on the home page listed in new news.
  • Mounting hard will differ, I made my mounting tube that is shown in picture. But the original concept used all hardware from TerraCycle and a lot of emails back in fourth with Steve.
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