• It may not be an actual model. Could be an upgrade/option kit in the same vein as the Rambler 24 inch wheel kit or fat trike they did awhile back.

    The photo obscures most of the trike, but you can see enough to tell it's the same kind of frame design as the Rover/Rambler/Traveler. It clearly has knobby tires, so I don't think they were just using a stock image as a placeholder.

    Looking forward to seeing more, though. Wish TT would give an indication of what "soon" is.

    - PaulNM
  • I was talking to the shop where I got my Traveler, and the one guy was telling me that the Rambler is basically taking the place of the Tour II (so maybe some more options to choose from).  Also the Rover is going to be getting a change also.  The crossbar on the front is going to be angled like the Rambler and Traveler not straight across to give more clearance when peddling.  The Rover will still have the square frame just that change in the front.
  • Hadn't known about the all road being discontinued, but sure enough the Rambler Price/Order tab says "Discontinued Update Arriving Soon". The 24" All Road Wheel Package is still in the store, but listed as out of stock.

    The "Y" crossmember not only gives more room for pedaling, but also lets you back your legs right up against the seat when getting up/down. This is critical for amputees and others with certain types of leg control issues, as they can't lean back and sit down. I know of at least one person who couldn't even look at any TT models because of that. (This was prior to the Traveler release, the Rambler got the "Y" crossmember a year later.) 

    - PaulNM
  • Yeah, the Tour II was absolutely nothing like the direction TT has been going in for years now. It's pretty obvious it was introduced as an update to their older designs. Hedging their bets as it were, which is good as there was no guarantee the Rover-related designs would pan out.

    Then the Rover took off and their sales were outgrowing their projections year after year.  The Tour II was never really updated much, either. It still used a non-adjustable boom, and other stuff wasn't as flexible as the other models.  

    When the Tour II was discontinued, and Chonk mentioned new things were coming this spring, I knew it wasn't going to be a new version of the Tour II. My personal bet was a simple elastomer rear-suspension model, either a new model or replacing the Traveler as a combo suspension/folding trike. Suspension is a direction that TT has to be working towards, and they tend to work on a gradual year-to-year basis in designing trikes.

    - PaulNM
  • I said then, and repeat now - they'll replace the Tour with another straight frame model. Essentially removing the "bent" part of bent riding.

    I honestly don't like this direction. Keep and improve Rover and Rambler, yes. Fatties like me need the Rover strength, and Rambler is a Rover for non-fatties.

    The rest? I think the Sportster was a good one, but lacked vertical handlebars. Give us a Sportster type bent frame with suspension, vertical bars, linkage steering, and call it a Tour 3.

    Just my 2 cents.
  • @jamesr make sure those gloves have metal plates on the palm and wrist or you may as well not even bother!
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