First accessories purchased

Another general q from the rookie. What were the first accessories bought after your Trike? Looking an a Rover for the better half and maybe a Rambler for myself. Thanks.


  • Anything the law requires, and any safety gear you need. In my case the law meant I had to pick up front/rear reflectors, a bell, and a front light for evening riding. (Though I would have wanted them anyway.)

    I also got a red rear light, helmet, white side tire reflectors, and panniers to carry tools/supplies. (Ordered trike with a rack.)

    Speaking of tools, at least a minimal set or multitool is good to have, along with spare tubes and a patching kit.

    - PaulNM
  • What Paul said. Then I got versa bars, fenders, headrest, etc. Overspent.
  • That accessory that tilts the water bottle.  Previously, the bottle was falling out because the front of the trike is higher than the back.  I also bought the wide handlebars fairly quickly.  My thighs would hit the shift and brake cables while I was pedaling.  

    Later on, I added 24" wheels and off road tires.  That made a great difference in getting on and off the bike.
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    SPD pedals and shoes.
  •   Got a cheap-o flag, & Bontrager luggage rack with the Rover i8 on purchase.

      First things I got was the wider handlebars, & thorn protection in the tires/tubes. Then water bottle cages, Cateye Reflex LED safety stuff was added over from my Rockhopper, along with a 6-pack expandable luggage pack.

      Versa Bars was a good purchase, though expensive. No regrets except they did take a big bite out of the wallet.

    ¬ ITL
  • Any accessory from TT is expensive!
  • I forgot a mirror and a flag were bought with the trike.  I've since added a mirror on the other side.  Really helps!
  • I also use two mirrors. The left I set for seeing cars on the road. The right is set to look a little closer so I can see cyclists tailgating me on trails and bike lanes.

    - PaulNM
  • I'll bet our trikes won't see roads for a few years. Lack of trust. A fault of mine.
  • Has anyone been pelted, say turning
    the trike, WITHOUT fenders? I like 'quiet' when I ride, nothing but the wind.
    I had a pair on my upright, but they made noise, not sure from the air or rubbing at times. So I removed them. Hope to not get caught in the rain. Our local path has some dips that retain water for hours after a storm has passed. Those I can go around. And I don't plan on taking Trike nordth to the trails of crushed limestone of Northern Michigan.
  • Pelted? I ride along the highway, rural roads. Not had any issues, though I don't wear shorts either - least not yet.

    Fenders? Past the cool factor I doubt they are worth the expense. And they'd be one more thing to cause air drag and noise.

    ¬ ITL
  • We went to a dealer today and I really looked Rover and Rambler over good. Rode both around the store. Now more confused than ever. Doesn't look like there would be much room under handlebars for a fender on either. They had a Rambler off road with 24" tires that I was able to get up to 10 mph down the back straight w/o hitting anything or bodies. That would be fun to take out on a trail!
  • I was pelted in the back of the head by dog poop from my own rear tire
  • Lol. It was on a bike trail. Asphalt, which is why I didn't see the color-matched dog poop!
  • Geese regularly mine the Schuylkill River Trail here in Philly like WWII never went out of style. You can see it pretty well, but there's so much you can't avoid it all regardless of how nimble you are.

    - PaulNM
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      Mount a poop plow in front of your trikes, that adjust to level of ground by rollers. Have a scraper & broom attached to the front. Who knows, maybe the county will sponsor your cleaning efforts on the bike trails.

      Here it's more of horse & cow pies, though they are usually large and easily spotted. Never seen them on the trail portion that I rode on in 2013, but horse owners don't pick up the horse patties ... Esquitarians think they are above anyone else that uses the WRT.

    ¬ ITL
  • Head rest for $150? Omg. Who has made up one from stuff in the basement?
  • Some folks have used the flag holes in the seat, combined with some pvc (2 45 deg elbows to set it back from the top of the seat, 2 90 deg ones)
  • I'll search YouTube for ideas. I always
    ask b4 I search. I'll try to limit that here, from this point forward.
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      Going to get a contoured foam cushion one of these days & put that over the lightbar, which is strapped onto 2 fiberglass highway marker poles. Should make for a cheaper alternative.


    ¬ ITL
  • Couldn't wait. Went and bought the Rover NuVinci today for her early bday present. (She said that is a Christmas gift as well). Bought a flag and a rack. She rode it 3 miles then we switched. I rode it the last mile. Passed her going 15-20. Scary stuff. She needs some pads for her seat. Other than that she loves it. No shoulder pain. Came with fore and aft reflectors and heel straps for pedals. Forgot to buy mirrors. Great
    day/weekend to ride!
  • Two mirrors is a definite plus.  My headrest is from and they make the correct brackets for all brands of trikes and the rest is concave shaped so it's more comfortable.  They also sent a second cushion of a different density.  It was an option but I paid to have a custom design embroidered on the cover...
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