wide bars?

imageBought a used rover 3 months old. I push 330lbs due to medical condition. My legs rub up against the break cables.
How can I tell if I have stock or the wide handle bars?  Or any suggestions as to how to cure this problem? Thanks.



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      You have stock bars.
      Wider have a hole facing up from the main bar. Am constantly losing the plastic hole plug due to this.
      Stock bars have a hole facing horizontal.

      As a wider rider I went with the wider bars. Thighs still tend to rub against the cables but not nearly as bad. I also use the Versa (Bull) Bars to mount mirrors, lights, cycle computer, smartphone/camera, water bottles, and to assist me to lean forward & up.
      A better view of the Versa Bars from the rider's seat.  :)
      Some have mentioned using cable noodles, and there are goose-neck versions. Or you could mount a vertical extender bar and mount the brakes inverted.

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  •   This is what the rider's seat looks like now. 'cept I haven't gotten the seat wedge in just yet. It came in today but I've been working all afternoon too.


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  • Here's an image of the wide bars, from TT's store. You can better see what IdahoTrailLizard is talking about.


    You can try pushing the cables around though the zip ties to make the bulge in other places. Or use more zip ties to force them flatter against the handlebars.

    Maybe use some cheap putty (play dough?) or loctite to add a bit of friction so they stay in better? That would make it easy to remove if you ever have to. I'll need to pick up one the next time I order from TT, as I've lost one from my standard bars.

    - PaulNM
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