I'll show em!

I went on my first group ride with some serious road cyclists. I felt like the little brother trailing along behind the group of cool kids. I was surprised at how open minded and accepting they were of a trike in their midst. Who knows, I might even convert some of those "wedgie" riders.


  • Were you able to keep up with them?
    What's funny is that I have a bottle of that.
  •   Hmm... :)

    ¬ ITL
  • I've never tried to keep up with DF riders.  I find riding a trike to be slower, and being slower, give me the ability to enjoy the ride rather than concentrating on looking down at the ground in front of me to avoid crashing (potholes, debris, dirt, etc).  I can watch what's around me and just enjoy the ride.

    The only time I've amazed DF riders was when I road in El Tour de Tucson this past November.  There was a long stretch of downgrade that was maybe four of five miles.  I had the 559 up to 30+ mph and I was passing bicycles.  They would look down at me in wonder...  In El Tour I was more concerned in making the cutoff time for the event.  I rode 37 miles in that one and there was no time to enjoy the scenery.
  •  Eeee.... 30 MPH?!? I start sweating at 20!

    ¬ ITL
  • I agree, Hal.  When we fall off our trike, which doesn't happen often, we won't be hurt nearly as the DF riders.  I was never excited about riding fast on one of them.  The only time I did was down a hill so I could get up the next one.

    I'll just sit back and enjoy the ride.  May be able to get and ride tomorrow for the first time in week.  Over half the boxes are gone from my living room.  But, today is Earth Day so I have to cut the grass!  
  • One of my favorite trike points is enjoying the ride. However, I am somewhat addicted to speed (in relative terms). I think that I just need to get back into good shape to keep up with this bunch. The leader even helped me on a couple of inclines by putting his hand on my shoulder. My average speed was 14. I plan/hope to do this every week or two, just for the "getting in shape" aspect. My main point here was how pleasantly surprised I was that these "wedgie" riders were so accepting of me and my trike.
  • IdahoTrailLizard, yep, 30 mph was smokin'.  It was nice smooth pavement and the Catrike 559 was very stable at speed.  When I had my TTRGT 20 was white knuckle riding and my fingers were feathering the brakes going down a hill on the Razorback Greenway.  

    There was a cut off time in El Tour and I was concentrating on making it to the end which I did with half an hour to spare.  I was not too concerned with the scenery.  My biggest challenge was making a pit stop and getting my water bottle topped off.  Rest stops were organized chaos and parking my trike was an issue.  At the first one I parked across the road.  At the second and third I just pedaled into the mass of bikes and they just seemed to part and let me through.  I think I saw maybe three other trikes in the whole event not including one hand cycle.

    I really prefer just cruising along at 6, 7 or 8 mph on the flats.  I only get a momentary thrill when the trail drops beneath a busy street followed by the brief exertion climbing up the other side.  Here in Tucson the trails tend to be flatter and any gradients are gentler so one can pedal along and enjoy the ride.

    Last November I did ride the Canyon del Oro trail which was a steady upgrade for more than ten miles and the ride back was an easy 12 to 15 miles per hour with only an occasional push on the pedals.  It was work going up and pure pleasure coming back.

  • I'd love that canyon ride!
  • Jrobiso2, so am I wanting, but it's getting hot quickly now and I could end up scorching to a cinder even if I started out from home at the first rays of daybreak.  :((

    Yesterday I did twelve miles starting from the house and I'll have to do short, early trips through the heat of the summer before I will tackle that one again.  From the house the CDO Trail will easily be a day trip and reach forty miles.  It will be a pack a lunch and camera day as well.  The views of the Santa Catalina Mountains are spectacular.

    I'm finally situated where I can ride on a regular basis.  Being single now I've moved into a 55+ mobile home park with a nice 8x8 Tuff Shed to store the trike.  I had the shed roof coated with a rubberized, reflective coating to keep DP (That's Deep Purple) from roasting.  I'm still going to insulate the walls as well and pipe in electricity so I can work on him and have a nice comfortable little shop.

    The biggest obstacle to riding has been the process of getting settled here in the new place.  I never realized the amount of crap I've accumulated over the years.  The folks at Goodwill know me by first name. :)  I've cut my wardrobe more than a half and I'm still not finished.  I think I can cut my winter stuff by 3/4 and not miss it.  I've cut school wear by ninety percent.  I'm even down to four pair of shoes.  Conclusion:  I have the long, hot summer to get all my ducks in a row so I can do some serious riding!  And, El Tour de Tucson is coming up in mid-November.  ^:)^
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