Rover x8 index shifting

I am interested in buying a terra trike. The rover x8 price is very appealing, but the local dealer says he won't sell any x8 rovers because he has had a lot of problems with the rear derailleur indexing right. he claims the mounting plate for the derailleur moves around causing the derailleur to move. Has anyone experienced this problem? I do not find any mention of this in any forums. 
thanks Mike


  • Then he's not attaching the derailleur hanger tightly enough. I've had no problem with mine (which I installed myself), nor have I heard of anyone else having issues.

    But yeah, the hanger shifting around would mess up the alignment of everything else.

    - PaulNM
  • Ive had no problems with mine I suspect your LBS just wants to sell you a more expensive model
  • After more thought, I'd also be worried about the general competency of a shop that has enough trouble with several derailleur hangers that they honestly think there's something wrong with the model to the point of refusing to sell it. It really is brain-dead simple to install.

    Either that or they're dishonest enough to lie to customers to get what they want and blame manufacturers for stuff.

    Either scenario would make me want to run from that place.

    - PaulNM
  • thanks for the feedback everyone. just what I was hoping to hear. I did e-mail TT with the same question late yesterday, but haven't heard back from anyone yet. 
    Mike in Wichita kansas.
  •   TT drags their feet in emails it seems. Of perhaps 4 emails they replied late to one. Give them a call.
  • will do monday
  • Heard from Terra Trike today.

    When they first introduced the Rover x8, they used a Sunlite derailleur hanger, which is probably what the dealer was referring to. They have since re-designed the hanger and have not had any issues.



  • Have 6500 km on mine over last year. Lots of wear and tear and hard use but a little tune up now and again solves the problem. I have a 24" rear wheel which lifts the derailleur up out of the dirt which can be important on unpaved and rough trails
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      For reference the TT derailleur hanger is aluminum with a nylon locking nut. Runs $5. Ask TT to send via postal padded envelope as is lots cheaper than FedEx.

  • Yeah, I can see people having issues with that design. It's pretty bad. The one I received actually clamps onto the fork instead of relying on the wheel, and will not move around. I'll try to find and share a photo of it later.

    - PaulNM
  • thanks for the continuing info.
    the photos from trail lizard are the new design that is trouble free?
  • No, they have to be the old one.

    - PaulNM
  • Huh? I just bought mine a few months ago, and I got what IdahoTrailLizard pictures - from TerraTrike. Has that design already been replaced?
  •   The second link is bad.
  • Worked for me
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      Didn't yesterday, but it did just now. Probably server maintenance.

      2nd link, same look as the TT one at $5 + shipping.
  • OK. After some more thought, the silver design isn't as horrible as I thought it was. I'm not fully convinced relying on chain tension and the skewer to hold it in place is the best approach, but it should work without any issues.

    This thread is the first I'd heard of hanger design changes. Naturally I assumed that the one I got (which works fantastically) was the "new" design, especially as the external 8 had been out for a while by then. The design I got from TT in mid-2015 looks like: (cost $5 at the time)



    It clamps onto the fork itself and won't move until you take it off yourself.

    The truth is either design should work fine. There's no reason to avoid an x8, especially over a simple to replace $5 part.

    Still don't trust that LBS, though.

    - PaulNM
  • These are still being sold by the manufacturer and on Amazon, so I have to assume it was TT that decided to switch. I just wish I knew what their reason was.
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