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  Know that Alien Gear sells IWB holsters. Have one for a Ruger SR9C but that really only works for upright cyclists. Have a Taurus PT-738 TCP (.380) that I bought before the Ruger, though not a fan of the quick release on this mouse gun. Ended up going with an OWB holster on the Ruger, far more comfortable since I have a large girth, yet am concerned about carrying it on a Rover.
  Picked up a soft leather OWB holster for the Taurus that has a snap, and I've used it on a couple of rides. Yet no matter how I try to conceal the Taurus it tends to stick out. Not had any issues as I do have a permit, although in Idaho most anyone can legally carry a concealed weapon without a permit - stupid law if you ask me.

  A person wants the firearm on their person in case of accident or jacking, and mouse guns or single-stack compacts are recommended for normal cyclists. Yet with trikers am wondering if our options are limited to fanny or cross-chest packs?

  For longer rides I'd like to carry the 9mm as opposed to a mouse gun for the amount of ammo it can carry in case of an animal or pack attacks. Bear are more seen on bike trails here, though have never heard of a bear attacking a rider - though some have taken photos of cubs in trees ... which is STUPID. If you see bear cubs, you better get your butt down the trail before momma bear comes along or if the cubs squeal. Not sure if a .380 or 9mm can do much to a PO'd bear. We do get rattlesnakes out on the trail, and there have been reports of feral dogs running in packs - although ranchers usually take good care of those issues.
  Snakes though, some use sticks to usher the snake off the path. I was raised to kill the things on sight. I don't like snakes.

  What do others use to carry on their trikes, if they care to share?



  • I've never had an incident but I carry mace.  I don't see wild animals here.  As for people, don't want to kill, just deter them!
  • I have never seen a bike or trike rider riding with a handgun except for police.
  • OWB attached to the front underside of the seat. Might need sewn on for some heavier guns.

    My S&W 9mm carries 16, so it's heavy. The Ruger LC9 is light, but only carries 7. If there are bears, I'd go .45 or maybe .357, both with hollow points. If the near isn't stopped with 8 .45 rounds or 6 .357, 16 9mm won't stop him either.
  •   We probably know the old rule: never go hunting/hiking alone and never ride alone. But when all you have is yourself, one has to be prepared. That's why we all carry first aid kits in our cycling packs, spare tubes with slime, hand pump, and such. In case of a break down, cut, road rash we can at least make path repairs.

      .357 is a bit on the heavy side. One well placed shot with a .22 would suffice. After getting the SR9C I think the guy buying days are over. That set me back a chuck. Although... a snake charmer might be viable if can find one at a reasonable price. Probably won't do much against a bear though, that's it's one downside. Could go Mad Max and mount it on the boom in front of the seat, LOL.

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  • I'm mostly concerned about a rogue toy poodle attacking one of my tires.
  • TCEd, then you need a squirt gun!
  • My problem is the coyotes by our house.
  •   2 legged coyotes, or 4 legged?

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