Redesigning the Trike shop stand.

Ok. I built my first "shop" stand for working on the rover. I used 1.5 inch PVC pipe, and 2, 2 inch T's split to hold the front cross member. And a 2 inch T split to hold the back end.

Very unstable so rebuilding it. This time I will still use the 2, 2 inch T's split, to hold the front cross member, but as for the back, I am thinking 2, 1.5 inch T's or smaller to hold the frame just in front of the wheel nuts.

This will require 2 verticals, kind of close together, and the T's of course will be split and put on an angle so the rover sits flat.

Due to the redesign I will be able to add "out riggers" or Longer feet going out to the sides of the stand, to make it more stable. Wish we could drag and drop pics here, I would show you my redesign drawing done with MS paint program.


  • Funny,I just figured out that I could lift my trike onto both of our dog crates which is a perfect working height.     
  • I used to have to work on mine in my living room.  I have a small stool that I use as a coffee table.  I put the back tire on there and sit on the couch and get anything done that's needed.  You use what you have!
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