Hanging/storage of your trike

Hoping to store Rover upright in our back porch, away from prying eyes. Upright would save us space. Who
uses this method, and did u use a hook or a pulley system??


  • I used the wheel clip (wall mount) that TT sells.  The trike spent several months on it.  Kept it out of the way while there was a lot of activity in the garage.  Only problem was putting it up and taking it down.  I had to have my son-in-law do it.  I can no long heft it at my age.  

  • I lifted Trike into her van after ride yesterday, but that was low. And we may
    get a trike for me I n a few months. Lifting two twice may prove to be too
    much in another year.
  • I struggle with lifting my trike, also.  I am trying to design some type of pulley system for my Alpaca Carrier.  A simple boat trailer winch, mounted on the wall above the hook, should work for you.
  • My home depot has bike lift pulley systems designed to pull your bike up to the ceiling with ease. $15 I think.
  • Does it mount to the ceiling of the garage?  I'll go onto their website and look for it.

  • Yes, it's a pulley system
  • I would really need two lines to balance the trike.  The biggest problem is trying to keep it from falling over because it is only on the back wheel.  But, two lines outside of the poles on the Alpaca carrier going to one pulley would work.  Actually, I think I'd make it a compound pulley system to reduce the weight.  

    As soon as I empty all the boxes and get my new house in order, I will try to build something.
  • The pulley system comes with 2 sets of pulleys. One for the front, another for the back.

    I would think that on the front line, you could attach 2 lines that separate, one to each front wheel kingpin, keeping it balanced.
  • No garage here. We moved it inside. Put a heavy duty bike hook in wall. Used bungies around hook and around pedal area to hold it there. Rear tire is on floor, & is blocked/
  • There is a video on YouTube of a trike raised in a garage with a pulley system. Raising both front wheels at once. Didn't see him tie off lines.
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